“Expert yeggmen” (safe breakers) broke into 80 safes in the Paulsen Building and seized valuables worth $100,000.

“It was the largest and most skillfully crafted burglary ever in Spokane,” the Spokane Daily Chronicle reported.

The safes were arranged like lockers in several vaults. Construction companies used them to store cash, bonds and diamonds. Yeggmen apparently didn’t need to blow up those safes. They entered the safe area by somehow operating the combination locks. Then they broke into the individual compartments apparently using security keys.

“Men with expert security skills can work the suits like these outside the vaults listening to the goblets,” a detective said. “The peculiar part, however, is that they had masters in the inner compartments.”

To add to the mystery, there was this: as far as the building managers knew, there was only one master key.

The investigation continued.

From the rhythm of marriage: A Chewelah, Washington man has been arrested on legal charges stemming from his complex marriage history. He had been married six times and divorced five times. Recently, however, he abandoned his wife #6 and went to live with his wife #5, despite the fact that he had not yet divorced his wife #6. He was being held in the county jail .

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