The crypto gambling industry is growing at a speed never seen before. NFTs, metaverse and virtual tokens have fundamentally changed the outlook of the gaming industry over the past few years. However, the evolutionary course of the crypto ecosystem seems to have passed even the popular names. As one of the most advanced blockchain networks, Solana is gradually supporting the crypto game payment environment. 1xBit has become a recent addition to this list by offering support for Solana.

1xBit is undoubtedly a top performer in the field of crypto gambling. With a variety of slots, table games, live casinos and sports betting options, 1xBit is a big part of that business. According to this 1xBit Review, the platform brings gaming content from over 100 software providers with support offered for almost 40 cryptocurrencies. This casino also offers huge bonuses of up to 7 BTC. Now the casino has extended its support for the Solana ecosystem, and many believe the picture is bigger than we all realize.

The inclusion of Solana in the gaming environment is believed to show the casino’s determination to stay on top. Apparently, the reason for this new decision has a lot to do with Solana’s growing popularity in the iGaming and GameFi sectors. Solana’s scalability has been a big factor in her recent rise among entrepreneurs. It ensures asset security while emphasizing user experience. Moreover, the Solana chain offers great flexibility for platforms like 1xBit to adapt to different user groups.

Solana is one of the few blockchain products in the crypto ecosystem to bring an entirely different infrastructure that has nothing to do with Bitcoin or Ethereum. In fact, Solana’s proposed model aims to address issues raised by legacy chains, such as gas charges, processing time, and scalability. Apparently, Solana can process up to 50,000 transactions per second for a low $0.1 fee. However, the uniqueness does not end there, as the hybrid proof-of-history and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms have all but eradicated the performance issues experienced by popular chains like Ethereum.

1xBit’s choice to support Solana has a lot to do with its governance structure. Even centralized financial institutions like the Central Bank of America have praised Solana’s speed, comparing it to TradFi giants like the Visa network. This newest and sophisticated payment method should bring the best ways to play and huge freebies in the casino. On the other hand, strategic partnerships like this would strengthen the Solana community and open up the ecosystem towards more opportunities in the iGaming sector.


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