Frieza is arguably the most famous villain to come out dragonball, and he had more opportunities than any other antagonistic force. Akira Toriyama’s totemic dragonball franchise spanning over 35 years and the unprecedented success of its latest chapter, Dragon Ball Super, is proof that it is not in danger of disappearing.

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Fans love to experience the ongoing adventures of Goku and the rest of Earth’s heroes as they grow stronger and take down more villains. The last chapter of Dragon Ball SuperFrieza’s final story arc features Frieza’s bold return, complete with an intimidating new transformation known as Black Frieza. Black Frieza has already caused a stir, and fans have a lot to love about this new form.

9 This could lead to the final end of Frieza

Part of the frustration fans have had about Black Frieza is that she’s emblematic of dragonballhis worst habits. It’s very easy to kick off a startling new transformation, and there’s nothing really stopping the show from turning to Red Frieza or Green Frieza later on.

However, this transformation will mean something if it really ends up being the character’s final form and not just another way to bide time. If Black Frieza ultimately results in the villain being unequivocally defeated, once and for all, then that’s an exciting way for the character to come out.

8 He trains and works hard to get it

New transformations are always an exciting point of pride in dragonballbut they can be achieved by various means. Dragon Ball SuperThe manga’s final story arc had Granolah and Gas attain immense power through Dragon Ball wishes rather than properly pushing their bodies beyond their limits.

Goku and Vegeta’s latest transformations are also quite impromptu and practical. Frieza, on the other hand, reveals that his new Black Frieza form is the direct result of ten years of focused training. It’s a warranted upgrade and a testament to its dedication to dominance.

seven This could lead to the canonical cooler return

The Dragon Ball Z the movies are notable for the compelling villains they feature. However, the events of these films exist outside of the proper franchise canon. Dragon Ball Super attempted to reconcile this through its canonical incorporation of movie characters, such as Broly.

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Cooler, Frieza’s brother, is one of cinema’s most popular antagonists, and Great finally found a way to present it. Black Frieza’s emergence could cause Earth’s heroes to turn to Cooler for help, or it’s possible that Frieza’s substantial boost ignites jealousy in Cooler and he feels the need to prove himself to his brother.

6 This pushes Goku and Vegeta to train harder

A new transformation is an easy way to get other characters to push harder and reach those milestones. Goku and Vegeta are still catching up, and the arrival of Black Frieza gives them a common goal. Black Frieza flaunts his strength by simultaneously taking out Goku and Vegeta while at full power.

It seems inevitable that further transformations will be the only viable way to surpass Black Frieza. It’s possible that an Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego fusion is on the way. At the very least, Vegeta and Goku are ready to undergo dedicated training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and see what fruits that bears.

5 This gives Granolah a chance for revenge.

Granolah, a lowly survivor of the ravaged grain race, is driven by the need to avenge his fallen people and give Frieza and the Saiyans the reward they deserve. Granolah makes an unstable pact with Toronbo, Planet Cereal’s Eternal Dragon. He becomes one of the strongest beings in the universe, but his lifespan is drastically shortened in the process.

Granolah leaves the arc to do some soul-searching, but Goku and Vegeta cordially give her the opportunity to train with them. It seems likely that Granolah will return, and with a stronger version of Frieza on the loose, there’s a bigger reason for him to get involved.

4 New characters like Gohan may have a chance to face him

Black Frieza is not the only character in Dragon Ball Super to experience massive power increases. Previously, it was always Goku and Vegeta who were the only ones strong enough to properly challenge Frieza. Recently, characters like Gohan and Piccolo have undergone huge transformations.

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However, there are also characters like Jiren and Broly who are in-universe who also hold grudges against Frieza. Frieza’s new form could lead to one of those other formidable threats bringing down Black Frieza instead of the standard Saiyan duo, which adds a whole lot more appeal to the prospect of another prolonged showdown with Frieza.

3 This could lead to Frieza taking down gods and becoming a God of Destruction

One of the biggest changes that Dragon Ball Super introduced are the mighty gods of destruction. The Tournament of Power implies that other suitable individuals can achieve this rank, with Vegeta even being considered. Frieza has had a contentious relationship with these dangerous deities, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he used his new power Black Frieza to overturn the current status quo.

Black Frieza leaves on an ominous note where his upcoming schedule remains unclear. Frieza’s destruction of the Heeter Force means he might be intent on becoming Emperor of the Universe instead of remaining focused on a petty grudge against the Saiyans.

2 Vegeta is finally able to achieve catharsis and beat Frieza

Vegeta has made incredible progress as a character, but he continues to harbor a lot of hostility towards Frieza because of the past Saiyan atrocities he committed. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta almost receives closure against Golden Frieza, but his hubris gets in the way and the victory goes to Goku.

A gratifying potential side effect of Black Frieza is that Vegeta could finally take out Frieza and move on. It’s a piece of Vegeta’s history that he should be able to surpass.

1 This solidifies Frieza’s status as the series’ ultimate villain.

dragonball is a franchise that features dozens of dangerous villains who each make their mark in different ways. Frieza is a threat that appears relatively early in dragonballis running, but he’s found more ways than anyone to get back to relevance.

It’s this unwavering dedication that many fans recognize when praising Frieza as the show’s main villain, but there are strong arguments to be made for other antagonists. Black Frieza feels bigger than anything from the past, and that might finally be enough to earn him the respect he deserves.

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