A successor to MagiskHide, finally?

Magisk is one of the best and most powerful modding tools when you want to get the most out of your rooted Android phone, but unfortunately it has long since lost one of its deadliest features due to the increase in Google security: MagiskHide. As the name suggests, the feature allowed users to hide the fact that their device is rooted from security-focused apps that otherwise wouldn’t work at all on modified phones, like banking. According to Mishaal Rahman, it looks like there may soon be a new workaround to hide your phone’s root state.

Renowned developer kdrag0n is currently working on a new root masking tool called “Shamiko”, which is supposed to take the place of MagiskHide. At present, the tool is still under active development and only can work and could lead to further complications, but it’s a promising start nonetheless. Shamiko is believed to be even more powerful than MagiskHide because it uses Magisk’s new ability run code in the zygote process.


Mishaal Rahman recommends against using the mod in its current state, but you can try other options. When you need to go through SafetyNet without using Magisk for some reason, there is a tool called “ih8sn” developed by LineageOS contributors (however, it is not officially endorsed by the project).

For some history, MagiskHide was basically killed off when Google upgraded its SafetyNet DIY detection tool with a feature it hadn’t applied before. SafetyNet now uses the so-called Key Attestation API which remotely checks the root / security status of a device, which MagiskHide developer John Wu has deemed foolproof. Given that Wu now works at Google, it’s no surprise that he no longer pursues the Root Detection Escape Project and has separated Magisk from MagiskHide. However, he was always committed to actively developing the former.

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