Evil speaks and evil does. Leaks are often egregious, especially if they involve the Supreme Court. But even more glaring is the apparent spiritual depravity of so many people. Various statistics reveal however that the partisans of the infanticide are minority; they’re just more enraged. Now Californians are “mod” – we cannot be held responsible in certain circumstances for the death of a child up to one month after birth. But why is it acceptable in a country where killing an adult is not?

It is sad that the considerations of life have become politicized. Is the Republican Party the only one concerned with this type of moral integrity? The only real “insurrection” here is flagrant disobedience to the word of God. What happened to “thou shalt not kill?” Any court judge who votes to continue Roe v. Wade demands eternal judgment. Although a party’s competence is extremely important, it lags far behind moral integrity. And no amount of thoughtfulness from a political party can make up for a lack of moral integrity.

No one can rightly or absolutely trust every aspect of a party, but when you look at their platform or their actions, which will you choose? Unfortunately, even a just Supreme Court cannot produce a just population, but it can strongly encourage it.

An unjust court, conversely, will certainly discourage moral integrity. It seems like a lot of people would like to use the Supreme Court to assuage their conscience. A possible regret of losing Roe v. Wade could be linked to a raped pregnancy.

But God or “justice” has been found to bless many such designs. There are many examples of how thwarted abortions have resulted in extraordinary lives and contributions to society. Genuine medical reasons for abortion may allow for legal exemptions.

William Coburn, MD



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