Olds College and the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) have created a formal partnership where AFSC will support applied research on the Olds College Smart Farm.

In 2021, the Olds College research team worked on a proof-of-concept with the AFSC to see if drone imagery in hail-damaged fields could aid in the assessment, with initial results promising.

The two entities are now collaborating on three projects in 2022: classification of hail damage using drones; analyze soil moisture probe readings for lack of moisture; and exploring the relationships between soil moisture, weather and forage biomass.

Olds College and AFSC are also collaborating on ways to provide producers with training and education programs on new production methods and technologies.

Their agreement is for five years and will be governed by a partnership committee made up of representatives from both.

“AFSC has a distinguished history in supporting and building Alberta’s agricultural sector, and Olds College is delighted to formally partner with AFSC as we work together on applied research focused on agriculture. ‘industry,” Olds College Vice President Patrick Machaeck said in a statement.

“Our growing partnership with Olds College continues to benefit Alberta producers, our customers and the agri-food industry,” said AFSC CEO Darryl Kay.

“The joint applied research initiatives we will undertake over the next five years will advance knowledge and improve data collection and analysis, sensor testing and validation, automation technologies, testing in the field and risk management. We look forward to the path forward and discovering ways to use digital technologies, automation and agricultural technology equipment to benefit Alberta’s agriculture industry.


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