Attars have always been a staple of the House, previously only available in Oman. Discovering them, the famous perfume author Luca Turin said: “I felt a mixture of pride and frustration to be in possession of a thing of beauty that few others could share.” Today, Amouage is reintroducing the oldest form of perfume known to mankind to the world, while continuing to push the boundaries of perfumery under the creative direction of Renaud Salmon.

“We are proud to be able to expand our Attars beyond Oman and share them with the world. Our ambition was to stay true to the Attar’s noble and treasured reputation, drawing on their history while infusing them with Amouage’s own innovative creative approach. It is the strength of the Attars and their resonance that has allowed us to reinvent them for a changing olfactory landscape without denying their identity,” said Salmon.

He added: “Rare, precious and unique, they are both modern and ancestral, rooted in a truly Omani tradition and heritage. Derived from natural ingredients and radiant ethereal beauty, they are more than just a fragrance, they are intimate, authentic custom and ritualistic; a signature fragrance for connoisseurs and a mode of self-expression that has transcended civilisations.”

Applying the Attar itself is a deeply soothing experience, gently smeared directly onto pulse points – the wrists, under the ear, inside the elbow or behind the knee – where the heat generated by the Blood flow gives the Attar the warmth it needs to fully thrive. A fundamental element of Arabic perfumery ceremonial, they are best worn in a traditional practice known as Layering. Art in its own right, the custom consists of combining several Attars and perfumes in order to create a complex and unique trail every day; sublimating, rather than enhancing, the main fragrance.

The six of Amouage Attars were skillfully created with this ritual in mind. Inspired by the villages of Oman, from the alluring delicacy of the flower-strewn mountains to the sacred aura of ancient colonies, Orris Wakan, Rose Aqor, Vanilla Barka, Rori Incense, Hamra Saffron, and Oud Ulya, Deftly capturing the soul of each of these “hidden gems” and translating them into long-lasting fragrances that are flawless when worn alone or layered together.

the Amouage Attars are available in 12 ml bottles enclosed in a lacquered wooden box as well as a magnificent Sampler Set including the six Attars in 0.5 ml. The entire collection of Attars 12 ml is also available in a luxurious box. the Attars can be purchased online at, in Amouage boutiques and distributors around the world from January 2022.

SOURCE Amouage


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