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ESPN 30 for 30 The documentary series has begun production on a film that will focus on the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, the Super Bowl-winning team that featured a fearsome defense led by Ray Lewis.

Per John R. Manzo of ESPN Press Room:

“No team in the history of the NFL has bragged, bullied, or shown as much bravado as the 2000-2001 Baltimore Ravens. The rest of the NFL hated the Ravens but no one could say anything because they couldn’t beat them on the pitch, especially against arguably the greatest defense of all time Luckily for sports fans, their full-throated reign coincided perfectly with the rise of the era of “reality TV” via Hard Knocks.

These Ravens went 12-4 in the regular season and blasted the New York Giants, 34-7, in Super Bowl XXXV. The defense was incredible, finishing first in the NFL in points allowed per game (10.3), first in takeouts (49) and second in yards allowed per game (247.9).

The season also came in the wake of Lewis’s trial in the stabbing deaths of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar in Atlanta in January 2000. Lewis was one of three men charged with murder and aggravated assault, though that he pleaded to a misdemeanor offense of obstruction of justice and served 12 months of probation, while the other two men charged were later acquitted.


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