ALL OUT D: The whole defense stood out with a brilliant performance in the second half. You won’t see many halves where Mahomes is limited to 50 yards through the pass or Tyreek Hill only gets 40 yards in the same game, tight end Travis Kelce gets just 25. He was the boss- work of Anarumo and can serve as a model to stop the leaders:

Get Mahomes to put it back. Kansas City rocked the Bengals’ fifth-place run defense with 155 yards to 6.7 yards per pop. The way Anarumo described it, you have to give up something to get something. The last time Kelce and Hill played together they combined over 300 yards. The Bengals didn’t give them 70.

“The overall plan was to stop 10 Tyreek Hill from coming down on the field with explosives and also Kelce, and that’s what we did at the end of the day,” Anarumo said. “Tyreek Hill had six for 40 and a long of 17 and Kelce had five for just 25 and a long of eight. If you can do that you have to live with the other guys. We knew we were going to bleed a bit in the game. running, but it’s kind of like we used to play when we were playing Tom Brady, every time they turned to put it back it’s one less throw for a guy like Brady or in this case a guy like Mahomes. They are great players. “

GREAT EFFORTS: Chidobe Awuzie was all over the place and showed the NFL why he’s their No.1 cornerback. According to Pro Football Focus, he limited Hill to just ten yards of two catches on Hill’s three targets and he only allowed 31 yards out of the seven catches he covered.

Four players worked on Kelce’s five catches. Bell, cornerbacks Eli Apple and Tre Flowers, and linebacker Markus Bailey. Kelce’s longest catch was eight yards and Flowers gave up his three-yard touchdown. But Flowers, a cautious cornerback who joined the Bengals in October, has performed well on 21% of the snaps. In the Chiefs’ first set in the second half, he dislodged Kelce’s ball at the end of a possible mid-catch to set up a third and nine the Bengals forced a punt.

“I was proud of Tre. He’s coming in and he’s got a big drive to cover these guys,” said Anarumo of Flowers, himself a big drive at 6-3. “The way he competed for sure. The only play that’s huge is that he’s 2nd and 9 and he kicks Kelce’s ball to get us to third base. Just little things like that. Otherwise it’s a first run and they’re moving the chains. He came and did everything we asked. “

Awuzie, whose injured foot may have been helped when he missed the Dec. 19 game in Denver, picked up where he left off.

“I think he shows his overall game in a lot of ways,” Anarumo said. “He had a bunch of tackles (Sunday), was tight in the cover like always. I think he felt a little better with the foot. So you put it all together, a lot of guys played well. Chido had one of his best games for sure yesterday. “


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