One of the greatest LCS players of all time is now able to add another accolade to his already impressive resume.

Team Liquid mid laner Bjergsen, who competed in the LCS for over a decade, has officially taken the throne as the player with the most career wins in LCS history. In Game 4 of Liquid’s Playoffs series against 100 Thieves, immediately following a game where he played his patented pick Zilean, he was able to rack up his 2,274th kill and achieve a feat that no other LCS player can say he has. has reached.

The previous record was held by Wildturtle, considered one of the greatest ADCs in LCS history with nearly 11 years of professional experience. While he spent the start of this year with Immortals Academy, he was part of several regular season and playoff finishes at teams like TSM and FlyQuest, and ventured to Worlds on several occasions.

Earlier this year, Bjergsen was able to surpass longtime friend and rival Doublelift in the career win rankings. The two have competed side-by-side and against each other during their LCS careers. Since his season is not over yet, Bjergsen is expected to continue to separate himself from those trailing behind him in this stat in the coming weeks.

Bjergsen and the rest of Team Liquid are currently taking on 100 Thieves in Game 5 of their second round matchup in the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs leading to the LCS Championship. If Liquid wins this match, they will qualify for this year’s Worlds, which are scheduled to begin on September 29 in Mexico City, Mexico. However, if they are sent to the bottom bracket, they will have to keep fighting for a place at Worlds.


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