Road Transport and Highways Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said the BJP would win the Assembly elections due this year and also form the government in 2024 under the leadership of Prime Minister Nardenra Modi.

When interacting with IANS, Gadkari also blamed the Congress-led government in Punjab for the security failure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that “this has never happened in the history of Indian democracy.”

The Union Minister also raised several other issues, including the political situation in the Punjab.

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Question: Despite all the political differences, allegations and counter-allegations, there is a political tradition in the country that no political games occur over the security of those in constitutional office. How serious do you think the issue of the Prime Minister’s security failure in the Punjab is?

A: It is very unfortunate. In a democracy, there is a tradition of being president and prime minister that everyone respects them. There may be differences in politics but such a politics has not taken place in the country till date … It has not happened in the history of Indian democracy that the Prime Minister did not was unable to attend his program due to lack of security by the state government. The incident is sad and unfortunate. The more it is condemned, the less it is.

Question: But Congress does not accept it as a “mistake”. The party said the farmers were angry with the BJP-led government, so they taught your “arrogant government” a lesson.

A: The world knows the Prime Minister was unable to move forward because he was arrested on the bridge. Responsibility for ensuring the security of the Prime Minister and the responsibility for upholding law and order rested with the state government. Why did they let people sit on the road? Why weren’t the barricades erected? The state government should explain why the police did not arrest these people. It is clearly visible that the people who blocked the road had the support of the Congressional government of the Punjab. The government is responsible for this unfortunate incident and it should take responsibility for it, but it is also playing politics on it … it is unfortunate and unfortunate. When we are in the state or central government, we are the representatives of the government, not of the party.

Question: Let’s talk about Uttar Pradesh. You visited the state for the dedication and laying of the foundation. So far, as Minister of Road Transport and Highways, what gifts have you made to the people of the State and what are the plans for the future?

A: So far in Uttar Pradesh, we have completed 4,500 km of road works spending an amount of over Rs 1.80 crore. Work on 3,000 km is in progress. We have announced projects worth over Rs 3 lakh crore, and will be doing more work worth Rs 5 lakh crore in Uttar Pradesh over the next five years. We will be building an American-style infrastructure in the state over the next five years.

Question: But Akhilesh Yadav says he started the work, and you (BJP) are just visiting and cutting ribbons …

A: Everything is recorded. We are the ones who launched these projects and we are inaugurating them. Now the elections are approaching and since he is in opposition he has to say something.

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Question: What do you think will be the biggest problem with elections in Uttar Pradesh?

A: Law and order have improved in Uttar Pradesh, and for this credit must be given to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the force with which he ended the “goondaraj” and kept people safe. ordinary. People have faith and trust in him. Apart from this, thanks to the development work done by the central and state governments in all fields, we will certainly gain the support of the people and also form the state government with an overwhelming majority.

Question: You have called law and order and development major electoral issues, but as the elections draw closer, again Ayodhya, Ram Mandir and Kashi Vishwanath are being discussed and now Mathura’s issue is also being addressed. .

A: The construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya is not a political issue but a symbol of the history, heritage and culture of the country and we do not want this to become a political issue. Such questions should not be dragged into politics.

Question: But your chief minister and your deputy chief are talking about Mathura. A deputy said that it is Lord Krishna’s wish to involve Yogi Adityanath in Mathura. Akhilesh Yadav also talks about his dreams …

A: I don’t have the details of who said what. I will therefore not comment. I would only say that our government has done unprecedented development work. We should go to the People’s Court about this work. People are watching “Uttar Pradesh changed”.

Question: How many seats will the BJP win in Uttar Pradesh?

A: The BJP will win the state like last time, and we will form the state government again under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath and Keshav Prasad Maurya.

Question: So far, no party has been able to form government for the second consecutive time in Uttarakhand. The BJP also had to change three chief ministers of state, so what is the likelihood that the BJP wins?

A: Even in Uttarakhand, the general mood is in favor of BJP. I am studying a Chardham project worth Rs 12,000 crore there. The road from Pithoragarh to Mansarovar is under construction. AIIMS was established in the state under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The Ganges has become cleaner and purer. People are happy with our work and we will certainly benefit from it in the election. Our government is going to make a comeback in the state.

Question: Last time in Goa, your party won fewer seats than Congress, but you defeated Congress and formed the state government. What’s the situation this time around?

A: In Goa too, we will form the government … It is my conviction. (Late Chief Minister of Goa) Manohar Parrikar has done a good job in the state and Pramod Sawant has done an equally good job after him. Only my ministry has carried out work worth Rs 23,000 crore in the state. Goa is changing and we are going to re-form the government there.

Question: The state of Manipur in 2017 was also similar to that of Goa. Again, you barely formed your government by beating Congress and gaining support from other parties. What are you waiting for this time?

A: Considering the general atmosphere I witnessed in Manipur, I can confidently say that our government will be re-elected there.

Question: Again, speaking of Punjab, for the first time you are going to fight for the state elections in the role of “elder brother” after parting from Akali Dal.

A: We have had an alliance with the Akali Dal in Punjab for a long time. Together we used to compete for about 20 seats, but this time we have the option of competing for more seats. This time the party will certainly expand into the state and our strength will increase.

Question: Roads are also carriers of development. But when it comes to road transport, safe and comfortable travel comes first. What have been the accomplishments of your department in this regard?

A: The condition of the roads has been improved and highways and highways have been constructed. Everything has changed … yet I haven’t been able to do it so far, he tells me, and I have no problem accepting it. I’m talking about accidents that cause a loss of 3 to 4 percent of the country’s GDP. But more than the economic loss, I am saddened by the loss of life. I have tried a lot for this, but the success that should have been achieved has not yet been achieved. I am very sad about this, but I will continue to work with the cooperation of all parties in the times to come … and I am sure that one day we will achieve success on this issue as well.

Question: We hear you talking and continually trying many things like pollution, vehicle engines, green hydrogen, ethanol, etc. What success has been achieved on this front so far?

A: We have accomplished a lot on all of these issues. I have been talking about ethanol since 2004. Cars will run on ethanol instead of gasoline. 100% gasoline or 100% ethanol, anything can be used. Many companies have agreed to make such motors and in the coming days many more companies will be ready as well. With this, the farmers will get a good price, the young people will get a job, and the pollution will also be reduced. Green fuel, green hydrogen and more electric vehicles will change the entire environment of the country. Our dependence on oil imports will be reduced and I assure you that in the times to come we will not import energy but will export on a large scale. It will be a huge job in the direction of an autonomous India.

Question: The year 2022 will begin with the assembly elections of five states, including Uttar Pradesh, and will end with the assembly elections of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. How do you think 2022 will decide who wins the Lok Sabha in 2024?

A: We will win the elections in 2022, and by winning the elections in 2024 we will form the government again under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi … there is no doubt in my mind about that.

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