Last February, Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen (USA), a doctor from southern California, received a Guinness World Records title for the tallest sculpture of a 3D printed humanunveiled during Black History Month.

The massive sculpture of Dr. Allen from Gardena, California stands 6.04m (19ft 10in) tall and won the Guinness World Records title on February 5, 2022.

Weighing around 1,500 pounds, the giant sculpture was shipped in 45 parts from Minnesota, where it was printed, to its final location in California. It took a team of 9 people 12 weeks to print and then assemble the human-shaped sculpture.

Named “The Statue of Inspiration”, the sculpture is a symbol not only of the inspiring nature of this record, but also of the history and passion of Dr. Allen for his community, who says that “the grand purpose behind the statue has brought together a team of wonderful people.”

Initially, Dr. Allen created a sculpture that was placed on a freeway billboard in Los Angeles as part of an advertising strategy for his urgent care centers.

Dr. Allen is an emergency physician and founder of Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care Facilities, located throughout Southern California.

Needing to grab the attention of drivers in such a cluttered and cluttered environment, he knew he had to think big and created a massive 3D-printed sculpture that resembled the image of a doctor.


Days later, when patients and the community began commenting on the impressive statue, Dr. Allen began to consider the idea of ​​a Guinness World Records title.

However, after some research, he learned that his sculpture did not meet the minimum requirements to break the record title at the time.

“Determined to continue inspiring the community, I started over. The odds were overwhelming not to mention where I would put the second statue,” says Dr. Allen.

“The original statue was designed before the Covid pandemic for publicity. Then the pandemic hit and all production activities were halted. As an emergency physician with multiple urgent care in Los Angeles (LA), we were an important source of medical treatment as primary physicians began telemedicine and emergency departments were full I came out for Los Angeles residents when resources were scarce, no jobs, no money and small amounts of food in stores. I started testing, feeding and clothing the community.” – Dr Vinson Eugene Allen

The idea of ​​achieving a world record title stuck in Dr Allen’s mind and his main goal became clearer: he wanted to create the tallest sculpture of a 3D printed human as a symbol to celebrate and empower one’s own community.

Dr Allen adds that “the publicity statue changed in my mind into a beacon of hope (The Statue Inspiration)”.


Fast forward to February 2022 and the second sculpture of Dr Allen has met the record requirements and turned him into a new Guinness World Record holder. He noted that the achievement was all the more special as it was verified during Black History Month, which is widely celebrated in his community.

“The hurdles were overwhelming, but as we shared stories about ‘Who’s wearing a shoe size 45?’, the fun of creating began to overcome the hurdles.”

“My advice to everyone is: Dream big. Stay focused. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do!”- Dr Vinson Eugene Allen


The previous record holder was James Bruton, who won the title with a sculpture measuring 3.62m (11ft 10in) in Winchester, UK on October 20, 2017.

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