When Catwoman merged with Superman villain Brainiac, the new villain’s incredible intelligence granted Selina surprisingly perfect power.

From time to time, DC will combine two characters to form a new one, like when catwoman was associated with the iconic Superman villain, Brainiac. This strange fused villain appeared in Superman/Batman #61. Although it’s an unexpected mix of characters, it certainly provided the villainess with a major upgrade.

Catwoman is best known for her thefts. She’s a sly and clever adversary, though her love for Batman gradually inspired her to become more of a hero. Beginning in 1940, in Batman #1, she had many costume and appearance changes. After all, it has a history that spans over eighty years. However, his Brainiac variant is perhaps one of his weirdest looks to date.


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Superman/Batman #61 (2009) has the creative team of Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, Rob Leigh, Adam Schlagman and Eddie Berganza. In this issue, Batman and Superman are placed in a dream world by Doctor Destiny, who impersonates “Lex Joker”. His Brotherhood of Injustice includes “Brainycat” within its ranks. This villain largely resembles Catwoman in terms of costume, though she also wears hints of Brainiac in her headgear as well as with her green-tinted skin. The change isn’t just cosmetic though, as the already tactically brilliant cat burglar now possesses Brainiac’s alien intellect.


Selina Kyle is already a very capable villain as Catwoman without any additions being made to her character. She knows how to fight, how to move undetected, and how to get out of trouble fast. However, by combining her physical skills and appearance with those of Brainiac, she becomes an even fiercer enemy. She is able to predict her opponents’ moves, allowing her to stay one step ahead of them to gain the upper hand in battle. In fact, she’s so good that Batman doesn’t even officially surpass her in their fight.

A career criminal who plans her heists down to the smallest detail, Catwoman’s predictive fighting style is surprisingly perfect for her character, playing to her cat-like reflexes and unrivaled instincts. While Brainiac is one of the last villains fans might assume to be working in a combo with Selina Kyle, this ability is so well suited to Catwoman’s style that it’s a shame she doesn’t have it in the main continuity of DC.

To escape Doctor Destiny’s dream world, Batman shoots down a statue that combines Raven with Zatanna – freeing the two witches and transporting them to completely different dreams. This means he no longer has to fight Brainycat, who had captured him and held him with his whip on his neck. Batman is known for his ability to stay one step ahead of his own enemies, but he’s met his match against this strange fused foe. She stays ahead of him thanks to her mental superiority and is only “tamed” by his targeting the source of the dream world – forcing herself out of it and into a new, more manageable dream by comparison. Brainycat blends the best of catwoman and by Superman iconic enemy, Brainiac, making for an incredible combination even though it initially seems like a really weird match.

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