Celebrity Mastermind fans had stitches on tonight’s episode as a celebrity contestant picked a rather odd subject as his special topic.

Comedian James Acaster, TV presenter Jean Johansson, Olympian Charlotte Worthington and singer Michelle Gayle took the black chair. They each had two minutes to answer questions on their specialist subject, before being asked about general knowledge.

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When Clive Myrie asked James what his favorite subject was, the comedian replied, “The history of ice cream.” Despite his apparent confidence in the subject, as soon as the questioning began, it was obvious that James didn’t know everything there was to know about the frozen dessert.

Many viewers have taken to social media to react to James’ poor knowledge of ice cream, Birmingham Mail reports. One person typed: “The history of ice cream has got to be Mastermind’s best specialist subject. Cheers James Acaster.”

Another said: “Does James really know anything about ice cream?” Another typed: “James Acaster chose the history of ice cream as his specialist topic on Mastermind and answered 4 questions correctly… loml my hero.”

A fourth commented: “James Acaster on #CelebrityMastermind realizing halfway through his specialized topic that he doesn’t know any of the answers is about to become a new meme.”

A fifth said: ‘Shout out to the researcher who spent days researching the history of ice cream only to have James Acaster show up having done NO research #Brain.”

James only scored four points for his subject, but improved on the general knowledge round. He scored a total of 13 points, but didn’t win the memorial trophy and won money for the charity of his choice.

Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Worthington was asked about all things Michael Jordan, but only scored two points.

The winner was TV presenter Jean Johansson who chose Kylie Minogue as her specialist topic. After doing impressively in both sets, she scored 19 points in total and came in 1st place to win the trophy.

Celebrity Mastermind is on BBC One at 7.30pm on Saturday nights.

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