Do away with standard worksheets and old teaching styles

Math teacher Sultan Shah has had to revise and polish his old worksheets for his lessons since the school started offering the full SBB.

With some students in the normal (academic) stream taking express-level maths lessons, his class is now more “heterogeneous”, said Mr Shah, who has been teaching for five years.

Her worksheets are now designed to engage the mix of students.

Two out of five questions may be basic, for example, while others may be more difficult questions with which he would guide some students – although others tackle everything on their own.

“Full SBB forced me to consider teaching the same subjects in different ways,” he said, adding that he had benefited from it as a teacher because he now had a more repertoire. range of teaching strategies.

The same goes for English teacher Chandrima Roy, who offered several ways for students to present their learning.

For example, some might write an essay, some would like to make an audio recording, while others would like to write it as a letter with drawings.

“If we give them the opportunity to present their thoughts in multiple ways, it makes it easier for them to learn,” she said.

Ms Roy, who also teaches character and citizenship education, one of the common subjects in the curriculum, said she has seen her students become more inclusive.

“They have become more sensitive to diversity in the classroom. They can accept that someone might be different.”

Ms Roy, who has been teaching for 31 years, added that not only has the full SBB eliminated labels that could be demeaning to pupils, but it has also resulted in greater camaraderie in the classroom and greater empathy between pupils.

She recalls a heartwarming incident in which a student did well enough in English to move from the Normal (academic) level to the Express level in the middle of the year, and the whole class cheered and cheered on his classmate.

Head of the year and PE teacher Clarence Loh, who has been teaching for 15 years, observed that the scrambling of streams is evident as students form friendships that are not based on academic ability.

“Structures determine behavior. Now, with no more flow per se, students see themselves as individuals and enjoy being with each other because of shared common interests, instead of being bound by their academic abilities” , did he declare.


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