After the power-enhancing drug Banshee allowed Cyclops to fully control his powers, he manifested divine abilities that X-Men fans never expected.

Ultimate marvel Cyclops learned that full control of his mutant powers could make him equivalent to a superhuman god. In the Ultimate Marvel parallel reality – created to reimagine and modernize Marvel characters – teenager Scott Summers tastes ultimate power while using the performance enhancing drug called Banshee. As the X-Men quickly learn the consequences of the highly addictive drug, Scott craves his power, which allows him to overcome all physical and psychological limitations to become fully charged with solar energy, allowing him new and powerful abilities that could even fight his girlfriend Jean Gray, the Phoenix Force host of his universe.


In Ultimate X-Men, Scott Summers was the first student of Professor Xavier to see his mentor’s dream of human-mutant coexistence manifest in the X-Men, on which he served alongside Jean. Despite his brief flirtation with Wolverine, Cyclops was finally able to express his feelings and begin a relationship with Marvel Girl, their love complicated by Jean’s connection to the Phoenix Force. After being brutally defeated by the mighty Alpha Flight – who had come to retrieve rebel member Northstar – the team learned much of their enemies’ power derived from the Banshee drug. The X-Men were divided between those who condemned all use of the drug and those who sought to use it to defeat Alpha Flight and save Northstar. When Colossus was kicked out of the X-Men after his history with Banshee was revealed, he secretly formed his own team of Banshee-enhanced X-Men whose members included Cyclops, secretly a mole to Xavier and Jean in the hopes of reveal the supplier behind the drug.

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Despite faking his introductory dose of Banshee, Cyclops chose to inject himself for real to help his new teammates not lose again in their fight with Alpha Flight. In Ultimate X-Men # 95 by Aaron Coleite, Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson, Cyclops is thrilled with the results of Banshee’s power boost, no longer needing his glasses or visor to direct his power. With solar energy pumping through his body, Scott displays superhuman strength, flight, and even the ability to converse and interact with John in his Astral Phoenix form.

Ultimate X-Men Cyclops Phoenix

This younger version of the famous X-Men leader had long been described as more insecure, questionable, and fearful of the dangerous abilities of his powers. Using Banshee, it is revealed that after a humiliating day at school, Scott’s optical explosion powers suddenly manifested, killing his foster parents and destroying their home, leading him to regard his abilities as a curse. out of his control. As his new team faces Northstar’s perceived death and Banshee’s intense withdrawals, Scott refuses to listen to others, unwilling to return to an inferior state. Banshee allows him complete control and the freedom that comes with it, making his powers strong enough to take on the Phoenix, who is considered one of the most powerful forces in his universe.

As the two X-Men teams try to reconcile, Jean meets her boyfriend on the moon, his powers allowing him to travel and survive in space. After accusing Jean of being jealous of his power, Cyclops’ new abilities begin to wane in the midst of battle, leading Jean to ask if control is worth dying. Although Scott Summers ultimately concedes to reason, the whole incident proved that once the solar energy behind his optical blasts was channeled throughout his body, Cyclops could become a divine mutant, with Ultimate X-Men confirming that the secret potential of his powers was far beyond what fans suspected.

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