Darkseid is about to make his debut in the Justice League world of dinosaurs, and it’s by far his most terrifying and savage form in DC history.

The most terrifying villain in the DC Universe, Darkseidis about to get the most brutal prehistoric redesign of DC Comics the story.

Darkseid is perhaps the most notorious villain in DC’s many years of publishing. Seeking the Anti-Life Equation, this maniacal force has a constant thirst for power and destruction in an effort to expand its throne on Apokolips. It’s generally considered the worst-case scenario for any DC story because it leaves destruction and death in its wake. Now, Darkseid is set to make his final appearance in a new series that has been deemed pretty silly and ridiculous a must-read…yet his new look is anything but.


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The Jurassic League is a new series from Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson that focuses on everyone’s favorite heroes and villains as dinosaurs. The story focuses on prehistoric heroes facing an onslaught of enemies attacking at once. From the Joker as the Jokerzard to Bizarro as Brontozarro, the villains proclaim that they are working with a mysterious being called Dark Embryo. Brontozarro mentions in Jurassic League #3 that the entity is an otherworldly being that goes from planet to planet, sapping its energy, and then moves on to the next. Who the Dark Embryo is has been shrouded in mystery as it led Joker to create DC’s most savage team-up, but a new cover art has shown who it is likely to be, and they’re bound to be Joker’s greatest enemy. the Jurassic League to date.

Darkseid in Jurassic League

Darkseid in the Jurassic League variant

Cover for The Jurassic League #6 showed that Darkseid himself is the final battle for dinosaur heroes, and his design is absolutely terrifying. He is massive in size, easily overshadowing the main team trinity. In fact, it looks like he can devour all three at once. All of the villains the heroes have faced so far look like child’s play in comparison, as the fate of their Earth rests in the hands of this ragtag league of heroes. Take a look at the terrifying new Darkseid here to prepare for the final battle ahead:

What’s really chilling are the multiversal implications of this new version of the character. DC recently announced that their current event, dark crisiswas actually a sequel to the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths in a surprise twist for fans. While the Jurassic League is unlikely to make an appearance, it does set alarm bells ringing when the multiverse comes into contact again. If this version of Darkseid were to bleed into the current main series, they would likely be in for an uphill battle. He’s literally a version of Darkseid with teeth, and he’s much bigger than any version the Justice League has ever encountered, as shown by the fact that he can swallow multiple limbs whole. He’s even scarier than the next zombie version the DCeased League will face in their final battle against the evil zombies, as he can cause immediate destruction.

The latest issue of The Jurassic League is slated to hit stores on October 11. It’s the battle the series was built on, and based solely on Darkseid’s new design, it’s going to be a savage fight. This take on the character is by far the scariest yet and could very well cause massive ripples that will affect this version of The League forever. DC Comics is known for making this villain one of the scariest based on his potential since he was first introduced in the 70s, but DarkseidThe new look is his most terrifying yet and is sure to go down as one of his most memorable comic book outings alongside his mech counterpart bringing his own horrors to the DC Universe.

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The Jurassic League #6 will be available at local comic stores on October 11!

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