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Last night the Washington Nationals had a game to forget against the Atlanta Braves when they were blown out 16-4.

Things had gotten so bad that even after Juan Soto hit his 100th career home run, the Nationals had to turn to a position player to make an emergency late-game appearance.

Washington turned to super utility Dee Strange-Gordon to pitch the bottom of the eighth inning at Truist Park in Atlanta.

But as Gordon pitched to Braves slugger Matt Olson, he threw a pitch that reached 34 mph, which is the slowest pitch ever in National League history.

Bring back the Eephus

You will rarely see such a slow pitch.

But if position players are going to throw explosive plays, there might be an entertainment aspect to add.

Who says the great height of eephus can’t be brought back?

It is one of the classic pitches that have become lost arts in baseball.

But all joking aside, this pitch was incredibly slow.

Maybe Olson was expecting to get something he could smash in the seats, in which case he deserves credit for laying off that pitch.

Most hitters would be fooled by such a pitch, but Olson was not.

The fact that it was only the slowest pitch in National League history is also quite impressive.

Last year, Brock Holt, then utility for the Texas Rangers, threw a pitch at 31 mph, which is the slowest pitch ever recorded in Major League history.

Who knows when we’ll see such slow-moving ground again.

Maybe pitch eephus will make a comeback.


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