The Oscars are happening tonight, and it should be a satisfying mix of:

  • Beautiful moments on the red carpet
  • Confusing moments on the red carpet
  • Restful naps when things slow down
  • Excitement when your favorites win their first Oscar

    And speaking of favorites winning their first Oscar, Will Smith is favorite to win Best Actor for his role in King Richard, which would be his very first Oscar. But this is far from the first time Will has been nominated. Before King Richard (which could also earn him the Best Picture Oscar), Will was nominated for Best Actor in Ali in 2002 and best actor for The pursuit of happiness in 2007. So yes, a victory would be slow in coming for one of the biggest players in the industry!

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    And while Will could losing the Best Actor award to one of the other nominees (aka Javier Bardem for Be the RicardosBenedict Cumberbatch for The power of the dogAndrew Garfield for tick, tick… BOOM!and Denzel Washington for Macbeth’s Tragedy), it would definitely be a shake-up, especially since Will won the Golden Globe, which is usually a pretty good indicator of who’s going to take home the Oscar next.

    Either way, Will is thrilled to be nominated, telling Deadline, “That’s six nominations in total, and that’s a rarefied tune for me. I’ve been nominated two other times, but it’s never been that kind of love, you know?” He continued: “The story, the Williams family, working with Aunjanue Ellis and the time we spent together, learning about her story and her struggles. The fact that it’s Richard, and Venus and Serena, and the timing. It was one of those things where everything fit perfectly together. So to be part of that story and feel the way the world reacts is artistic nirvana.

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    Obviously, King Richard follows the life of Venus and Serena Williams’ father, Richard Williams, as he coached his daughters to become two of the best tennis players in the world. “There are so many complexities in this story,” Will said. Deadline, adding that one of the aspects of the story he found most compelling was that Richard’s narrative was “the opposite of what I thought”, and that “the idea of ​​Richard Williams as a brash father and authoritarian who pushed his children to success” is not really true. “One of the first things we did was what Venus called her ‘Jedi spirit trick,'” Will explained. “He cheated their growing him to get them to play tennis. At every turn he would say, “No, you can’t play tennis if you don’t go to the Kingdom Hall” or, “No, you can’t play tennis if you don’t do your homework.” He was pushing against it as much as he was pushing for it. »

    PS If you haven’t seen it yet King Richardit’s currently available to stream on HBO Max and heaven knows you still haven’t “find the time” to log out of your ex’s account, so go ahead and stream it below:

    Look now!

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