At 15, I was too engrossed in oxbow lakes formation, Roman history and FIFA career mode that I had very little time to become the youngest player to ever play in the Premier League. It just wasn’t doable.

Arsenal youngster Ethan Nwaneri, however, is cut from a different cloth.

The Buoyant Gooners in the away stand were quick to humiliate the Year 11 student as he headed to the turf at Brentford Community Stadium in extra time to make some history. “SCHOOL IN THE MORNING, HE HAS SCHOOL IN THE MORNING!” chanted fans, but the thought of Period 1 math on Tuesday (the Queen’s funeral meant no school on Monday) was surely the last thing on young Nwaneri’s mind.

The 15-year-old has made huge strides at youth level for the Gunners, but he’s a player even the most ardent Arsenal supporters don’t know too well.

Everything you need to know about Arsenal record holder Ethan Nwaneri

So, in this article, we will try to profile the Premier League record holder. Here’s everything you need to know about 15-year-old Ethan Nwaneri.

Bright in the classroom

The need for young footballers to have a backup career plan in case their footballing exploits do not materialize is imperative. Luckily for Nwaneri, however, he is more than handy in academia.

To attend his secondary school (St John’s Preparatory and Senior School in Enfield, North London), Nwaneri had to take an entrance exam, but he passed it with flying colors, scoring 98%. Nwaneri’s parents, meanwhile, expect him to deliver impressive GCSE results next summer.

Nonetheless, it was Nwaneri’s footballing ability that won him a scholarship to the highly regarded St John’s and during trials the ten-year-old was forced off the pitch to ensure the other children had a good one. luck, like Nwaneri. superiority. He was a cut above the others.

“We couldn’t assess any other players while Ethan was dominating,” St John’s manager Alexander Tardios said.

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