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DAPORIJO, July 19: The Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) here in Upper Subansiri District has been operating without teachers for many years, but the government authorities have paid no attention to it despite being repeatedly informed of the grievances of school.

Currently, the school has no history, geography, Hindi and business studies teachers. Students in the arts stream are the most affected.

Last year, when Chief Minister Pema Khandu visited to inaugurate the new GHSS building, the education authority informed him of the shortage of teachers and appealed for the immediate assignment of the required teachers. , but no action has yet been taken.

In addition, there is the problem of overcrowding in classrooms. In one of the classes, there are 785 students, which is contrary to the education policy of the government.

A student said that due to the large crowd of students in a classroom, the students in the back could not hear the teachers properly during class. “It diverts students’ concentration and they lose interest in studying,” the student said.

In addition, students have to travel long distances (at least 5 km) from the outskirts of the city to get to school. However, no teacher comes to take lessons, despite the students waiting in the classrooms for hours.

Students identified the lack of subject teachers, particularly in the humanities stream, as the most pressing problem.

They called on the state government to “immediately delegate subject teachers for the welfare of the student community” because they need quality education.

The headmaster of the school said the government had been made aware of the lack of subject teachers in the school for the past two years. He also agreed that the overcrowding of students in classrooms has become a big burden for teachers.


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