Grant Thornton promoted 26 to partner, 12 to director and 58 to managing director, the largest class of new PPMDs in company history.

The total number of 96 promoted in the Class of 2022 exceeds the 87 in the Class of 2021 (35 new partners, 11 new directors and 41 new general managers), which was a record for Grant Thornton at the time.

By service line, consulting has the highest number of promotions (46%), followed by audit (30%), tax (20%) and internal services (4%).

Here is the list of Grant Thornton people who will need new business cards:

Last name Title service line Location
Samir Abdulsattar General director Advisory New York
Jennifer Ardrey Director Tax Chicago
Glenn Barenbaum Partner Advisory philadelphia cream
Kevin Barth General director Advisory philadelphia cream
Tamara Bienert Partner Audit DC Metro
Ashley Bloomer General director Audit Saint Louis
Aaron Borden Partner Tax dallas
Kelly Bugg General director Tax Baltimore
Dan Carroll General director Tax Downers Grove, IL
Philip Christy General director Advisory Houston
Juan Cruz General director Audit Charlotte
Stephane Dagnell Partner Audit Melville, NY
Craig David General director Advisory Kansas City, Missouri
Michael Day Partner Audit Houston
Jentre Deibler General director Audit Baltimore
James DePalma General director Advisory New York
Shweta Desai* Partner Audit San Francisco
Jon Dittrich General director Tax Cleveland
Elie Doft General director Advisory Hartford, Connecticut
Eric Downey General director Advisory Atlanta
Nathan Ellis Partner Audit Boston
Catie Ely General director Tax dallas
Jim Fortosis Director SCI Chicago
Alice Galaz Partner Audit dallas
Partho Ghatak General director SCI Downers Grove, IL
Dan Grayzel General director Advisory New York
Max Geier Partner Advisory Los Angeles
Richard Gutierrez General director Tax Orange County, California
Greg Haberer General director Advisory denver
Lisa Heacock Partner Advisory Los Angeles
Michael Hennessy Director Advisory Charlotte
Rebecca Hickman Partner Audit Atlanta
Michael Hoover General director SCI Atlanta
John Howel Director Advisory Charlotte
Matthew Hughes Partner Audit Charlotte
Anne Huynh General director Advisory Houston
Lauren Jansen General director Tax Chicago
Michael Joseph Director Advisory Los Angeles
Zehra Khan General director Audit Tulsa, okay
Matthew King General director Tax Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Konstantinos Kourakis Director Advisory philadelphia cream
Tim Krink General director Advisory Minneapolis
Christian Lant General director Advisory Los Angeles
Matthew Lavery Director Advisory Kansas City, Missouri
Matthew Lerner Director Advisory Iselin, New Jersey
Therese Lin Partner Advisory dallas
Danilsa Lopez* Partner Audit New York
Katie MacQuivey General director Advisory Bellevue, WA
Scott Maynard General director Tax Orange County, California
Dominique Mills Partner Audit San Jose
Lisa McClure General director SCI San Francisco
Sean McErlean General director Advisory philadelphia cream
Nick Moore General director Audit dallas
Kevin Morris General director Audit Melville, NY
Nick Morteo General director Advisory Boston
Chris Morton General director Audit philadelphia cream
Shawn Mostal Partner Audit Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Kristin Neilson General director Audit Bellevue, WA
jason nelson Partner Tax Minneapolis
matt nelson General director Advisory Charlotte
Luke Nestler General director Tax Phoenix
Chris Oatis Partner Tax Orlando
Jennifer Perco Partner Audit Chicago
Carrie Phillips General director Advisory dallas
Marc Pociask General director Tax Chicago
Cameron Potter General director Audit Jacksonville, Florida
Cecile Publico General director Audit Iselin, New Jersey
Katie Quinn* Partner Audit philadelphia cream
Vikrant Rai General director Advisory Iselin, New Jersey
Sanjiv Raman General director Advisory philadelphia cream
Joe Ranzau General director Advisory Austin, TX
Vivek Rodrigues General director Advisory New York
Melissa Ruiz General director Tax Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Vic Sandhu General director Advisory San Francisco
Chris Saracco General director Advisory Chicago
Sudhakar Sathiyamurthy Director Advisory Chicago
Luann Serafin General director Advisory DC Metro
Hiral Shah General director Advisory dallas
Don Sheehan General director Advisory DC Metro
Grant Smith* General director Tax New York
Christopher Summer Partner Tax Charlotte
John Summerlin General director Advisory Atlanta
Itin Taneja General director Audit DC Metro
Ahmed Tantawy Partner Advisory San Jose
Zac Taylor Director Advisory dallas
Nathan Tyler Director Tax Boston
Gokhan Tumel General director Advisory DC Metro
Brandon Vaughn Partner Audit Charlotte
Daniel Voogt Partner Audit Chicago
Megan Walters General director Advisory Atlanta
caroline warger Partner Audit Boston
Cindy Williams General director Audit DC Metro
jeffrey witmyer Director Advisory philadelphia cream
Galen Wolford General director Tax San Francisco
Nathalie Bois General director Audit dallas
Eric Young Partner Advisory dallas

*Promoted earlier in 2022 with Grant Thornton management approval.

Grant Thornton’s new CEO, Seth Siegel, said these leaders embody the company’s ongoing commitment to culture, quality and superior customer service.

“All of these talented professionals drive our business forward and they consistently deliver on our promise to make business more personal and build trust in every outcome,” he said. “The breadth of their experience is impressive, and just as importantly, they have repeatedly demonstrated a knack for going above and beyond the expectations of the many organizations we serve. As our firm continues to grow, all of these leaders will be instrumental in helping Grant Thornton reach new heights.

The promotions went into effect on August 1.


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