DC has combined Beast Boy and Hawkman into one hero: Hawkbeast! But while the design is cool, the hero powers leave a lot to be desired.

Mixing Heroes and Villains Doesn’t Always Work, Like DC Time Combined Beast Boy and Hawkman. While the pairing might seem natural thanks to Beast Boy’s affinity for animals, it was surprisingly unspectacular. It does more to limit the Teen Titan’s abilities than it does to enhance the hero’s aesthetics or abilities.

Beast Boy is known for his ability to transform into a wide variety of creatures. Hawkman is another strong character with a long history. He reincarnated through many lifetimes and played roles on other planets as a space cop and even as a new god, and once existed on Earth as a pharaoh in Egypt. Both are important members of their respective teams: the Teen Titans and the Justice League. They have specific skills that are best used in certain ways, but apparently don’t necessarily align with each other.


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Superman/Batman #60 (2009) has the creative team of Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato and Rob Leigh. In a story where the world’s best travel through alternate realities, this issue features mash-ups of villains like Catwoman and Brainiac, as well as heroes like Aquaman and Cyborg. The Justice League and Teen Titans are also combined to create the Justice Titans. Unfortunately, bringing Beast Boy and Hawkman together as one hero on this team doesn’t improve either of them significantly, taking the form of a massive green birdman with Hawkman’s signature mace.

The combination of Hawkman and Beast Boy results in Hawkbeast. This is the form the character has for the two-issue arc it is a part of. He has no more appearances and unfortunately no more other forms. For both issues, Hawkbeast is simply a giant hawk. While Beast Boy can usually take many forms, that’s not the case here – at least not as much as the issues reveal. Hawkman uses his mace as his primary weapon, but his Nth Metal wings are much more versatile and are lost in change. This is a major missed opportunity for both characters. While Hawkman is defined by his hawk iconography, pairing him with another Teen Titan would have served him better.

A better skill match might have been pairing Hawkman with Cyborg and Beast Boy with Aquaman. Even having a smaller range of creatures that could vary from land to land while taking over the water would be more beneficial to the Teen Titan than just being a giant hawk. Likewise, Hawkman would gain additional mechanical abilities if paired with Cyborg, as well as some really cool wings in terms of design. This mix would give each of them bonuses without limiting their standard abilities too much. DC had some amazing mixes, but Hawkman and Beast Boy are not among them.

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