LOTR enthusiasts can agree that Sauron, the mastermind behind the creation of rings of power, is a complete and compelling villain. Even though the villain is ultimately defeated by melting the ring in The Return of the King, Isildur is able to win the first battle of the trilogy by cutting the ring off his finger. Is this how Sauron met his end? Because of the missing finger?

Upon the destruction of the Ring, the majority of Sauron’s strength disappeared, and the lord dar was no longer able to maintain his bodily form. You need to know all about mythology to master Sauron, as he is one of those elusive villains. His ultimate failure is mysterious, like the rest of his life.

Sauron from the LOTR movies

How did Sauron lose his physical form

The Dark Lord was presumed dead during the Alliance War when the Great Isildur cut the single ring that also happens to be the source of Sauron’s power from his finger with a broken sword.

He had gathered a legion in the castle of Barad-dûr in Mordor that could endanger Middle-earth, and only a combined effort of men and elves could destroy it. Although he came late to battle in style, Sauron still managed to wipe out much of the Alliance forces, including the Elven ruler Gil-galad and Elendil.

Isildur in the LOTR movies

However, it seemed the evil lord had finally been defeated when Elendil’s descendant Isildur took his father’s broken blade and severed the ring of power from Sauron’s grasp. Separated from his Loyal Ring, Sauron, the sworn enemy of the free citizens of Middle-earth, was defeated.

His armor crumbled to the ground with his body shattered. The Ring was then given to Isildur, who tragically did not eradicate it, but what became of Sauron?

Sauron’s eye

The Eye of Sauron in LOTR Movies

Towards the end of the Second Age, when Sauron’s troops were defeated and his corpse was destroyed, many people believed they had seen his fate. However, Sauron’s soul remained. His spirit, now devoid of his body, fled the battlefield for Mordor, where he pondered the futility of a new offensive and abandoning the Ring.

Although Sauron’s reappearance was delayed by his lack of a material body, he eventually regained his former stature and influence. In the Third Age, the time span covered by The Hobbit as well as The Lord of the Rings, he made another visit to Middle-earth to pose a danger. Sauron, now devoid of his physical form, took the form of a huge burning eye, which he displayed above two spears atop his forbidden fortress, Barad-dûr.

The end of the Eye of Sauron

Samwise and Bilbo Baggins on Mount Doom

From its lofty perch, the Eye of Sauron not only posed a representation of the evil lord’s supremacy, but also posed a grave threat to anyone who challenged the troops of Mordor. He kept a watchful eye for any indication of resistance to his growing power as he gathered a legion to make his call and poisoned commanders across the realm.

He is often overlooked, but one of Sauron’s most impressive traits was his incredible talent for predicting the future. Recognizing the Fellowship that had gathered to eliminate the Ring of Power and thwart his intentions, he was able to rally his soldiers to fight them in an attempt to seize the Ring for himself.

The destruction of the Eye of Sauron

Before Frodo and his faithful companion Samwise obliterated the Ring in the flames of Mount Doom at the end of Return of the King, Sauron lingered in the form of a huge eye. Sauron’s danger was eliminated when the Ring was destroyed. The Eye of Sauron disappeared into the mist as the walls of Barad-dûr crumbled, and then an earthquake shattered the evil king’s fortress.

The Dark Lord was gone!! This time for good!


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