On Wednesday, less than 10% of fully immunized people in Massachusetts successfully downloaded their immunization records from the state’s new system.

The My Vax Records tool was launched on Monday. It lets people see their vaccination history and pull out a card — downloaded by a QR code — that’s similar to the CDC paper cards that were given out when people are vaccinated.

About 370,000 digital vaccine card codes were successfully downloaded from the system as of Wednesday afternoon, the Baker administration told NBC10 Boston.

There were 5,137,794 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts on Wednesday. Assuming each code was downloaded by a different person, this means that 7.2% of all fully vaccinated people downloaded their digital vaccination record.

Massachusetts unveiled a new tool that gives residents digital access to their COVID vaccine card days before Boston begins requiring vaccination in certain indoor settings, such as restaurants.

My Vax Records cards are not required for download by the state, they are simply provided to assist residents who wish to show their vaccination history, officials said.

The tool was unveiled days before Boston began requiring vaccinations for certain indoor spaces, like restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues. Brookline indicated this week that it would follow suit.

Boston officials have indicated that, as part of their B Together campaign, they will create their own COVID vaccine checker app, which, according to a city website, “will be designed for one purpose: to allow you to show easily an image of your proof of vaccination on your phone.”

Boston restaurants were digesting news Monday night of new COVID vaccine requirements in the city. A restaurant owner says that in an industry struggling with burnout and understaffing, policing vaccinations is an added stress.

Users of the My Vax Records website can enter their information and can expect a response within a day, according to administration officials. When it’s ready, they’ll receive a text message with a link to their record and a smart health card, complete with a QR code that can be saved in apps like Apple Wallet or by taking a screenshot.

The vaccination card sent by the state shows the user’s name, date of birth and the dates of the vaccination doses they received.

The system is powered by the open source SMART Health Card platform based on data provided in the Massachusetts Immunization Information System. Among the states already using the system are New York and Rhode Island. Connecticut launched its own program last month.

For those looking to add the card to their phone records, the Department of Public Health offers a Frequently Asked Questions page which also indicates if the record can be stored in any other way (yes, including printing ) and if additional doses of COVID vaccine received after uploading the record will automatically be included in the scans (no, you will need to request an updated map).

Officials noted that some people might not be able to find their records, in part or in full, right away. This could be because their immunization record is not associated with their phone or email. They can contact their healthcare provider or the Massachusetts Immunization Information System to update records.


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