Cody RhodesAEW’s career as a babyface takes place on thin ice, and you could argue that the ice has been broken for a few months at this point. Cody lost a lot of support, leading many fans to clamor for a heel. It’s unclear whether this will be the direction in or not, with the next steps being unpredictable, but if AEW doesn’t want to go around, then there may be a way to save a babyface race.

Cody Rhodes face run in AEW turned terrible

Since mid-2021, especially after his US-UK feud with Anthony Ogogo, Cody has started to lose a lot of weight. He was, at one point, the most overbearing babyface in the entire company, with promos and segments that would become all-time highlights. However, fans grew weary of his indulgence and the excessive direction his promos have sometimes gone in, with his bickering and matches turning into formulas. He was, in many ways, too much of a hero for people to take root because it felt forced and unnatural.


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At this point, it is not entirely clear which direction AEW is taking for Cody. One week it seems obvious, but the next all expectations are thrown out the window. It actually makes for a compelling viewing, but there is the constant fear that hangs over audiences’ heads that Cody and AEW are unaware of his character’s ill-reserved direction.

Cody Rhodes cropped

He may very well be ready for a heel turn, however, with Cody’s actions being questionable at times, in addition to the aggressive and hostile responses from the crowd, the heel turn may have already happened under fans’ noses. . Cody has stated on several occasions that he doesn’t feel like working as a villain, but it could easily be a ruse or even just an old sentiment that he doesn’t follow now. If his words are to be believed and his previous wishes not to turn on his heel remain true, then there may be other ways to fix the problem.

A team with Dustin could put fans aside

Cody has been in the spotlight since AEW started, with plenty of stories, matches, and repetitive feuds. He is always the light of his opponent’s dark side, rivaling Mr. Brodie Lee, Lance Archer and Malakai Black. He’s come back to the TNT title several times, and it all sounds a bit boring. A different direction could save Cody as a babyface. It’s not too hard to see why AEW and Cody might not want to bring him in line, with Cody heavily involved in media, extracurricular activities such as appearing on The Go Big Show and his reality show, Rhodes. to the Top. All of this could be a factor in not losing his mind as it could be a bad business decision.

Cody Dustin Rhodes

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Teaming up with his brother, Dustin Rhodes, could be one way to save Cody. Dustin struggled to find a real place in AEW, although it was far from the worst race he’s ever had, with him actually being treated like a wrestler. He does a good job of putting others in big games, but his experience has arguably not been put to good use in recent months. AEW has barely brought the two together, with just two tag team games in the two-plus year history of the company, so this could be a good change for both men, and it could make another intriguing title addition. of the scene label.

A heel turn would be better, but it might be worth a try

The Rhodes family are a hugely respected part of the struggle past and present. They are so respected and loved that focusing on their legacy might be the way to get fans back on their side. Doing this would shift Cody’s attention and put it more on the Rhodes family as a whole. The spotlight would be shared equally between Cody and Dustin; the former would not be the constant focus, removing some of the heat it carries. The quality of tag team wrestling in AEW might be enough to win back fans from a simple performance standpoint, without having to resort to over-the-top stunts such as going through fiery tables.

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Cody Rhodes Andrade, table hearth

Of course, a team with Dustin may not work at all, and that may not necessarily be the right decision for the company. A heel turn is probably always the best bet to capitalize on Cody’s current position and elevate him even further, but if AEW is still determined to continue with him as a face, it would be worth a try, and that might be the only chance to keep him like a good guy.

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