I must say that I am beyond outraged by the ruthless, authoritative, extravagant and utterly unwarranted waste of money in the show of utter indifference to the alarming state of our country under the rule of the few guys from Oxbridge over-titled, and the insensitive state of the monarchy’s understanding of real-life issues for the British people. I have to say that I use the British term very loosely – I don’t think all four EQUAL partners feel the same way.

How much money did it REALLY cost? How many hip operations, heart operations, etc. could it have funded? How many starving children could this money have fed? How many affordable houses could have been built when God knows how many people live on the streets? How much back to empire can we bear? It’s over, over and thank God for that. The craziest period of great British history imaginable. I’m not proud of the empire, I’m ashamed.

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I am not a subject of wee Betty, I am a citizen of the land of Scotland, an ancient kingdom. She only has her position because her ancestors were the strongest thugs of the time. As for the rights of his extended family? Well that’s another thread. As for the current government, I will have to be very careful. I could call out all kinds of wrongdoing, even illegality and criminality, but hey, we’ve heard it before and Boris seems as Teflon as Tony.

I am a retired history professor, and I have to say that over the past few years I have become increasingly terrified of how our government has dealt with issues, from Rwanda to existing laws; this one does not fit, we will just change it. Where do we go from here when our “Fuhrer” can only cater to his whims? Who will stop him?

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My kids are telling me to stop watching the news, they’re worried about my blood pressure, but I can’t let it go. I eat the news, I follow all the news on Ukraine, which is the most worrying development of recent years. Unfortunately, if you take a look around the world, the right turn is not limited to us. This is a very worrying trend. I had hoped never to have to face the rise of fascism in my lifetime, having spent a childhood talking about it, reading about it and analyzing it. If nothing, no one can make changes soon, God help us all. I don’t want to be here if the world reverts to an accepted fascist dictatorship.

Wendy Wilson
by email

I STRONGLY agree with James Duncan (Letters, June 4) that a lean monarchy is best for Scotland. Judging the monarchy by the actions of the Windsors is a mistake and we should look at how the monarchies of our neighbors operate.

It is a bit ironic that we are talking about Scandinavian-style monarchies when this style of monarchy actually originated in Scotland, where the monarch was considered first among equals on par with his people.

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While the Windsors cost the taxpayer over £100m, most European monarchies cost around £12-14m, while Spain and Sweden cost £9m and £8m respectively – far less expensive than most republics. When Norway became independent, they decided to have a king because it was felt that a monarch could unite a country better than a politician, and if independence was to work, unity was essential.

Moreover, Scotland is the oldest monarchy in Europe and that is something to be proud of. After independence, absolutely let the people choose between a monarchy and a republic, but the question on the monarchy should also ask whether we want to keep the Windsors or have another royal family, preferably descending from the Stuarts.

John Blyth

The controversies over the monarchy and the House of Windsor were notable. What did the sovereign do to deserve such anger?

What I saw was envy, a chip on the shoulder, and vituperation. The Queen has served Britain faithfully and well as a constitutional monarch. She reigns under the leadership of her ministers and very rarely lets her personal political opinion escape publicly.

You dragged the Earl of Inverness into the equation, something irrelevant. You claim that public funds were used to settle the action against him. Were public funds used or did the Queen help her son out of her own purse? Mention has been made of the monarchy’s drain on the public purse. Is it a drain? Do you know how the civil list, as it was called, was funded? The financing of the monarch is still very largely financed by the income of the royal domains, personal property of the Crown. I realize the chip on the shoulder would argue that royalty is not entitled to such estates, but it should be noted that like everyone else, the sovereign has civil rights.

Although I am fundamentally opposed to your view of the monarchy and find it expressed in an offensive way, unlike some of your more childish readers, I am not going to crumble by never reading The National again; you are doing valuable work for the independence of our country.

R Moulin Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

I was appalled to see the front page of The National last Saturday. In my opinion, your article came down under the gutter press insulting a very old lady as a celebration of her 70 year reign was taking place. Even if the celebration was nothing more than political brainwashing, your timing with the manners of a pigsty will not persuade people to join the campaign for independence or, in fact, to increase your traffic. Probably many, many people don’t believe in the continuation of the monarchy after this queen, but that’s a matter for the future and not a matter to be resolved in your chosen way.

Gordon Morris
by email


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