Invent Anna Rachel Williams is suing Netflix for defamation over her performance on the show.

the old vanity lounge The photo editor took offense to how she was framed on the show in relation to con artist Anna Sorokin, and filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix on Monday (August 29).

Williams is portrayed by Katie Lowes on the show, and the character initially accepts expensive gifts and vacations from Sorokin, but ultimately surrenders her to the authorities.

The real woman claims her character on the show is fabricated, and the lawsuit filed in federal court in Delaware, obtained by Hollywood Deadlinealleges that he portrays Williams in a negative light while using his real first and last name, as well as his work and educational background.

“This action will show that Netflix made a deliberate decision for dramatic purposes to show Williams doing or saying things on the show that portray her as greedy, snobbish, disloyal, dishonest, cowardly, manipulative and opportunistic,” the lawsuit reads. .

Addressing one scene in particular that appears to show Williams abandoning Sorokin in Morocco, Williams claims she told Sorokin she had to leave early for work.

Julia Garner in “Inventing Anna”. CREDIT: Netflix

The lawsuit continues: “Williams did not stop being friends with Sorokin because Sorokin had problems in Morocco, but rather because she later discovered on her return to New York that Sorokin was a liar and a con artist whose statements and promises caused Williams to incur debts of approximately $62,000 on Sorokin’s behalf were false, and who only repaid him $5,000 despite numerous promises to repay him $70,000 to account of the entire debt and late fees incurred.

Netflix has not commented on the matter. This story will be updated accordingly.


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