The Philadelphia 76ers managed to secure a seventh straight victory on Monday, beating the Houston Rockets on Route 111-91 as they continued their success on the road. Philadelphia is now 15-8 from the Wells Fargo Center, which is one of the league’s top road records.

In the process, Joel Embiid made a bit of history for the Sixers. He scored 31 points with eight rebounds and six assists on Monday, which is his ninth straight road game with at least 30 points.

It’s the longest such streak in Sixers history, as he has now passed Allen Iverson for the longest road goal streak in franchise history. He also joined Iverson and the great Wilt Chamberlain as the only players in Sixers history to have seven straight games over 30 points overall.

“Obviously, these are legends,” Embiid said. “Not just the Philly legends, but the entire NBA. I hold myself to that standard of trying to win and being the best or one of the best ever, but the good thing about it is we won. As we’ve seen, to be able to win every night, I have to come forward with this mentality of just dominating and wanting to lead offensively and defensively. Just being the best player on the pitch every night.

Embiid has been absolutely phenomenal in the last few games as he has helped put Philadelphia in the right direction despite all the possible distractions around this team. While the team could have continued to struggle given all the adversity they’ve been facing, Embiid has made sure she doesn’t and he’s playing on another level lately.

“This consistency, which I had last year, but this year, I have the impression that it is totally different,” he continued. “I’m used in a lot of ways offensively, whether as a goalscorer, playmaker and, of course, defensively. Just be the best defensive player in the league. This is good, but like I said, the good thing is that we are winning. That’s all that matters to me.

He will look to maintain his overall seven-game over 30-point streak on Wednesday when the team returns home to host the Charlotte Hornets.

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