Remember when Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals made the NFL talk and were at the top of the NFC rankings? It seems so long ago.

After a 7-0 start to the year, the Cardinals stumbled and went 3-5 since, including three straight losses. They’ve gone from the top of NFC West to a Wild Card spot and are falling faster than ever.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury must find a way to fix this, although his shocking record may indicate more bad news for the Cardinals.

The Cardinals were the most prominent team in football just a few months ago. Murray was playing at the MVP level, James Conner was scoring touchdowns seemingly every week and the defense was doing their part by beating everyone they faced.

Since then they have been a shipwreck. All three of the Cardinals’ wins since that 7-0 start have come against the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears – who were led by Andy Dalton.

It’s not exactly a new trend, either. In 2020, the Cardinals got off to an impressive 7-3 start before stumbling and losing five of the last seven games, including this Wild Card loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

So what’s the deal in Arizona? Of course, Murray suffered injuries, JJ Watt was eliminated for the year and DeAndre Hopkins suffered a season-ending injury as well. Still, it’s a worrying trend, and Kingsbury’s track record could explain why.

Kliff Kingsbury has endured these hardships since he was at Texas Tech


What else can you say?

Even when Kingsbury was the head coach of Texas Tech, he suffered from the same issues. So, maybe that’s why.

For some strange reason, this trend has continued in the NFL. Just a few weeks ago, the Cardinals were explosive, dangerous, and looked like the best team in the NFL.

In Week 15, they hit a new low when they lost to the Detroit Lions, 30-12. Yes, those Detroit Lions. It doesn’t bode well for Kingsbury’s future if his teams continue to stumble in the second half of the season.

Maybe it all comes down to a coaching problem. After all, it’s been a shocking role model for Kingsbury both at Texas Tech and now with the Cardinals.

Cardinals locked in playoffs but need to go back to old ways

Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray and Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury | Harry Comment / Getty Images

The Cardinals have a finished playoff berth, sitting 10-5 at the start of Week 17. They are only one game away from the Rams for the NFC West lead, so there is still a glimmer of light. hope.

However, they face the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 and then end the regular season with the Seattle Seahawks, so winning at least one of those would help put this team in the right direction.

Things don’t look bright in Arizona, and Kingsbury’s past might indicate he’s part – or most – of the problem.

The next few weeks will be interesting to see if the Cardinals can turn the ship around and win a playoff game.

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