One of Laredo’s youngest statewide pageantry winners and local influencers has finally decided to put the competitive world behind her.

Chelsea Morgensen, the current Miss Lone Star USA and the youngest Miss Texas Teen USA, has retired from competition. Since the age limit to compete at Miss Texas USA is 28, and Morgensen will reach that age later this year, the pageant’s annual goer finally put on the gloves, or should we say heels, for the last time.

Morgensen was part of the Laredo Pageant Productions contingent that competed in Houston in recent weeks for Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA, placing in the top 19 in the Miss Lone Star USA pageant.

“It’s been a really exciting weekend but also sad that it’s all coming to an end,” Morgensen said. “I’m really excited about this closing because I know pageants have been a big part of my life, but they haven’t been my whole life.”

Although this was her last competition, Morgensen did not come away empty-handed as contestants in the Miss Texas USA pageant voted for her to win an award in her last competition: the Miss Congeniality Award.

“It’s bittersweet. It was a really fun weekend,” Morgensen said. “I got to see a lot of my friends that I made through contests and also made a lot of new ones which was really great.

“I won the Miss Congenitality award. It’s the award that’s voted on by the contestants themselves, so it’s really special because it’s not about that level of surface and what you look like or something, but more about who you are and that energy you give off and how you make other people feel. Winning was very, very cool.

Despite the recognition, Morgensen admits she felt a bit depressed she wasn’t able to place higher or win the crown, as it was her last attempt to win the Miss Texas USA pageant.

Roel Gonzalez, co-owner, manager and recruiter of Laredo Pageant Productions, also said it was bittersweet to see one of his most high-profile personalities during his pageant years call him quitting due to the age limit. However, it is fortunate that she participated at least one last time last week.

“We’re really proud of her,” Gonzalez said. “Chelsea weren’t going to do any more contests like they had, but we spoke to her about it a month before her contest, and we asked her if you were sure it was your last year, and I told her : ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?’ And she just said, ‘Okay, let’s go,’ and we did.”

According to Gonzalez, there are other contests that Morgensen can enter. But as far as the Miss Universe franchise goes, this was the last year she could compete. While Morgensen isn’t completely up to the idea of ​​entering any more contests, she’s also not ready to officially close that door.

“I always say ‘never say never’, because if I said never, I wouldn’t have competed this time in my senior year because before that I said I was done,” a- she declared. “But I think I’m fully ready to close this chapter, at least for now, and focus on starting my career and living this part of my life. Never say never, but most likely no. .

Gonzalez said that while Morgensen is not competing in any other pageants, she has already made history for Laredo and the entire state of Texas by winning Miss Texas Teen USA in 2009.

“We still hold it in the history of girls who win Miss Teen Texas because Chelsea Morgensen was 14 when she won in Laredo and had just turned 15 when she won Miss Texas Teen,” Gonzalez said. . “She was the youngest in history to win the Miss Teen Texas USA pageant.”

Even though the winner of this year’s Miss Texas Teen USA was also 15, due to their birth months, Morgensen continues to hold that title.

Another milestone she celebrates due to her ceremonial work is “The Thumper Project”, an organization that focuses on respecting people for each other and spreading kindness, as she fought against bullying, cyberbullying and other issues.

“Competitions made me do more for others and lead by example,” Morgensen said.

Regarding something she finds very difficult about her time in pageantry, Morgensen said the fact that she was unable to bring a major crown from the Miss Texas USA pageant is something that “really stinks” and she wished she could get it and did. possible for the city.

As for her future, Morgensen said that she will now only focus on her career as she plans to work in the medical field. She is currently in nursing school.

“I’m halfway through becoming a nurse so I’m really excited for this new chapter because it’s something that’s become a really exciting part of my life. It’s funny because if you had me asked five years ago, I’d laugh that someone would say I’d be in the medical field at some point,” she said. “Now that I’m here, I really like it, so I’m really excited to graduate and start helping those in need in the community.”

Morgensen hopes to become a family nurse practitioner and even open her own practice in Gateway City. However, if her experience and time permit, she also hopes to travel to needy countries in search of missing medical resources, so that she can help meet the needs of these people.

As for pageantry, she said she would be very involved in mentoring, coaching, and even working as a host or introducing other girls. Morgensen said she was ready to help any girl who was barely involved in the process or wanted her help with anything.

“I tell everyone who’s even thinking about doing contests and entering contests to do it,” Morgensen said. “It’s not just about winning this crown, it’s about growing up, it’s about learning how to speak in public places and learning how to behave, and also making some really cool memories. I met girls through that, and it was so great to see them again and make even more new friends, and there are girls I met through pageants that I talk to every day and they all became a brotherhood, even if that sounds cliché.

She said the learning experience and the ability to have fun should be the main reasons girls enter the world of pageantry because at the end of the day, only one will win the crown. She also said that any interested girl should join, regardless if she’s never tried heels or worn makeup, because before her first pageant at age 15, she had never done any of those things.

“Make the most of the moment, because if you don’t take that away and you don’t win the title, then there’s really nothing you’ll get out of it,” Morgensen said.


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