LeBron James continues to make NBA history and he just passed Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant to claim another record.

LeBron James has been in the NBA for quite some time now, and over the course of his long career in the NBA, James has had the opportunity to play in several NBA games over Christmas. James currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and he had the opportunity to pass up one of the greatest Lakers of all time to claim a record.

In what is his 16th Christmas game, James won first place as the NBA’s top scorer on Christmas Day. In the process, he let Kobe Bryant, a legend of the Lakers pass.

Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James claims record previously held by Kobe Bryant

Bryant, who himself played 16 Christmas games, previously held the record with 395 points during his career.

James was able to get ahead of Bryant on the all-time scoring list on Christmas Day thanks to an impressive display and a few free throws in the first quarter of the game. All he needed in today’s game to get past Bryant was 13 points and James was able to get it from the start.

The Lakers welcome the Brooklyn Nets as part of the NBA’s Christmas Day slate. In the third quarter, the Lakers are currently trailing the Nets 87-78. James has 26 points, leading the Lakers’ effort against Brooklyn.

Los Angeles needed all they could get from James this season as the Lakers have struggled throughout the season so far. At 16-17 entering the game against the Nets, the Lakers barely hold the sixth seed in the Western Conference. If they want to advance to the playoffs, James will likely have to continue his absurdly high level of play. Or Los Angeles could help him.


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