CARROLLTON — A book detailing the history of Abraham Lincoln’s experiences and connections in Greene County is slated for release this fall.

Carlinville writer Tom Emery publishes “Lincoln in Greene County, Illinois,” which features stories about the president’s connection to Greene County, many of which have never been covered. The book is scheduled for September.

The book analyzes Lincoln’s ties to some of the earliest names in Greene County history, including friendships with Jacob Fry, Edward Baker, CM Smith and David Woodson, as well as political connections with District Attorney Josiah Lamborn and the Carlin family members. Lincoln’s appearances in Carrollton are also discussed, as are voting records and the county’s reaction to his assassination.

Greene County’s role in Lincoln’s near duel at Alton in 1842 is examined, as are his court cases in the county.

The 160-page book costs $24.95, which includes taxes and shipping. Orders can be placed through PayPal using the email [email protected] or by sending name, address, phone number and check or money order to History in Print, 337 E. Second St. S., Carlinville, IL 62626.

Emery wrote about Lincoln’s experiences in Alton, Macoupin County, and Montgomery County. He regularly contributes to the Journal-Courier.


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