From 1997 to date, Ricardo Gastón Maradona (38 years old) has all kinds of criminal records: he fell for theft, hooliganism, misdemeanors, violence and even sexual abuse. Now he has walked to a dungeon again, this time for threatening and attempting to slit the throat of his partner, with whom he has lived for two years in a house in Las Lomitas, Albardón.

The last event, which occurred in the early hours of February 4, was under the orbit of the special procedure of Flagrancia

The pair had met a friend last night and after drinking alcoholic beverages, and once the guest left, the pair began a discussion fueled by the now apprehended’ jealousy of their partner. The discussion escalated until at some point the perpetrator started throwing different objects at the victim, including plates, vases, cups, smashing various utensils.

Maradona took it a step further when he picked up a butcher knife and began threatening his partner to cut her; “I will open you from end to end.” In one, he is about to attack her with the knife to her neck, but the woman defends herself from her and puts out her left arm to prevent his assault, causing a deep cut in that extremity. with a lot of bleeding.

The woman still manages to leave the house, go to a neighbor’s house and call the police, while Maradona barricades herself in her house. When he wanted to escape for the funds, he was chased by the investigators who managed to catch him a few blocks away. He was transferred to the 18th police station.


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