Marvel Comics reveals a new team of Defenders who will take on the Beyonder in an epic cosmic adventure in Defenders: Beyond.

Warning! Spoiler for Defenders: Beyond #1 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics presents an all-new Defenders team that will be tasked with taking on one of the most powerful villains in the universe, the Beyond. On Thursday, Marvel revealed that Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez would team up again for a new Defenders: Beyond mini-series with an all-new team that will face a bigger threat than most. However, the new Defenders have their own firepower.

Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez have just completed their Defenders series for Marvel Comics, which saw Doctor Strange bring together heroes from across the universe (and timelines) to stop the villainous Carlos Zota. The critically acclaimed miniseries took the heroes through the various cosmoses in the creation of the Marvel Universe – including introducing the archetypes of heroes and villains that would come in later iterations of the universe, as well as looking at the battle of creation itself.


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Defenders: Beyond #1 by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez will begin with the recently deceased Doctor Strange sending a warning from beyond the grave, forcing a new team of defenders to form. The team consists of Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Tigra, Taaia, and Loki. Ewing knows the characters well, having written both America Chavez and Blue Marvel in his Ultimate series. Loki, meanwhile, will be the version that appeared in his Loki: Agents of Asgard series. Taiaa, of course, debuted in the previous episode of Ewing and Rodriguez Defenders comic books. Previous teases hinted that the Defenders would take on the Beyonder, the villain who ruled Marvel secret wars. Discover wraparound coverage for Defenders: Beyond #1 by Rodriguez, which features some of the original and new Defenders.


Like the previous Defenders series, the new team will go beyond the confines of space and time and confront some of the biggest questions the Marvel Universe has to offer. Defenders: Beyond will feature the debut of new characters, “shocking fates” for the team, and uncover the secrets of what is at the core of the universe. For readers who enjoyed Ewing and Rodriguez unraveling the Marvel Universe and its history, the new miniseries seeks to continue the epic scale of their first Defenders delivered. It’s safe to assume that Beyonder’s role in the universe will be explored in more detail, as previous teases in the series hint that the cosmic villain will be the main comic book antagonist.

The epic journey with the new Defenders the team and the Beyond starts when Defenders: Beyond #1 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores June 16, 2022.

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