Halfway through his dawn performance at Reggae Sumfest Night One on Saturday morning, Masicka declared himself the baddest in Dancehall and compared his musical rivals to shy rodents, who were too afraid to confront him with lyrics.

The best striker was in Upper formcommandeering the stage like a true champion, minutes into his delivery, throwing down his denim jacket, and to which customers left in Catherine Hall Park were riveted.

The old boy from Calabar High School made customers eat out of his hands as he produced hit after hit, among them Infrared a collaboration with Vybz Kartel, Pain with Popcan, Image and They do not know. He also featured Stefflon Don for a small appearance on their single Moments.

Masicka, Stefflon Don

But the defining moment for Masicka was when he said the words “everyone” from his song. Update. The Catherine Hall erupted with almost the entire crowd jumping upwards with their hands in the air as if that was the signal they were waiting for to give the Story show’s greatest “front” artist, hands down.

Always fearless and direct, Masicka decided to claim for himself the distinction he said he deserved, but which certain forces in music refused to grant him. “When you’re playing – Sumfest when you’re playing, one hit back one hit. Nuttn caan r—sclaat diss inna di mawnin yah,” he said firmly.

“Sumfest, meck mi tell oonu suppm, dem nuh gi mi di credit mi merit… A few years well mi a di baddest ting inna di business. Dem can find a hit song like mi, nuh time. A talk dem talk and try to hide my fame. I’m the baddest artist in Jamaica right now,” Masicka asserted.

Still speaking out about refusing the accolade he says is rightfully his, Masicka described his musical rivals’ actions as cowardly, in what appears to be a gauntlet thrown at his foe’s feet. swear, Alkaline.

“Yuh if when it comes to my name a suh dem nibbles like a rat,” he told the crowd, gesturing with his fingers. “They scared mi yuh f_k. Mi can say oonu dat,” he said, before making his point with his breakout success Dem there is death.

He added a little later: “Dem nuh gi mi di credit weh mi merit. And mi nuh don’t want it either. Mi rich yuh damn. A conversation dem a conversation; they can pass by in no time.


Not happy for Rushane Barnett, the 23-year-old man believed to have recently murdered his cousin and four children in Clarendon, Masicka, says if he had been in the police shoes the accused would not have was brought alive.

After a stellar performance that lasted just under 25 minutes, Masicka closed brilliantly with his suicide note sound song 438 album.

Masicka’s comments regarding his musical rivals follow a high-profile clash between him and Alkaline, as die-hard Dancehall fans continue to clamor for a lyrical duel on stage that has been absent from Dancehall for some time.

Renewed calls for a clash came after Alkaline’s new song Staticwhose accompanying music video was shot in what appears to be a swamp, believed to be the home of crocodiles, which Masicka “aligned” with, leading to speculation that the champion boy threw down the gauntlet, via song.


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