BioChromato demonstrated how a thermal desorption and pyrolysis/direct real-time mass spectrometry (TDP/DART-MS) analysis method can reveal the thermal history of recycled thermoplastic resins.

Recycling thermoplastic resins such as polypropylene is seen as an essential step in helping to achieve a more sustainable society. However, the physical properties of thermoplastic resins such as strength and elongation are known to degrade after repeated thermal reprocessing. It is important to have analytical methods that can quickly and reliably reveal the thermal history of recycled polymers. However, many traditional analytical techniques fail to detect the differences between virgin and recycled thermoplastic resins.

In this work, using an IonRocket sample introduction device, it was confirmed that TDP/DART-MS can be a useful way to assess thermal history, using the antioxidants contained in thermoplastic resins as a “thermal history marker”.

BioChromato’s IonRocket is a temperature heating device for direct thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples, prior to ionization and mass spectrometry analysis. By using IonRocket, a temperature gradient from room temperature up to 600°C can be achieved in just a few minutes. This allows thermoplastic resins to be rapidly pyrolyzed and then introduced into the DART-MS gas stream.


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