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Melos launches US campaign at Dcentral Austin giving participants Eth, Wave Points, NFT AirDrops and more prizes for Bull Riding Challenge winners

We’re excited to work with Cappadonna and Method Man to further the understanding of how Melos Studio’s Web 3.0 tools can accelerate artist and fan collaborations, as well as protect property.

— Yalu Lin, co-founder and CEO of Melos Studio

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 8, 2022 / — Melos Venture Limited, the operator of Melos Studio—a decentralized music studio for Web 3.0 (collectively “Melos” or “the Society”), today announced that the Society is bringing Cappadonna and Method Man (of legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan) to the Dcentral Austin Conference today (Wednesday, June 8, 2022) , to discuss their Web 3.0 music collaboration with fans, leveraging the tools of Melos Studio.

Cappadonna, who is scheduled to perform and speak today (Wednesday, June 8, 2022) at Dcentral Austin, featuring a video appearance by Method Man, will preview their upcoming NFT Drops in the US, which are set to drop July 30, 2022 on Accessible US markets (i.e. OpenSea). This is the start of a campaign that Melos is waging to begin aggressively marketing its NFT brand, products, services and celebrities in the United States. The company will actively sponsor events, concerts, US tours and more.

Yalu Lin, Co-Founder and CEO of Melos Venture Limited, said, “Since its launch in November 2021, Melos Studio has onboarded over 1,100 independent and emerging artists from over 60 countries around the world. Melos hosts events in the metaverse, as well as its own discord server, for conversations between fans, patrons, and their favorite artists. We are excited to work with Cappadonna and Method Man to raise awareness of how the Melos Studio Web 3.0 environment can accelerate collaborations between artists and fans, as well as protect property.

Melos will also offer Dcentral participants and other participants taking advantage of the Melos Studio Social rewardsa mechanical bull riding challenge!

Ride to win:
• 1 ETH grand prize
• Wave points
• Free NFT AirDrops
• Vouchers
All entrants will also be entered into a raffle to win EXCLUSIVE NFT music drop prizes.

1. Claim rewards by scanning the appropriate QR code; and,
2. Join Melos Discord and complete the reward pool!

Melos is backed by Binance Labs, Dapper Labs, NGC Ventures, Innovion Corporation, and CryptoPhD, and recently aligned with Blockchain PR CEO Phu Styles through his engagement with DAM, a division of Digital Asset Monetary Network , Inc., to help bring the Melos brand to American audiences, in part by leveraging celebrity NFTs.

Visit Melos Studio today for social rewards!

About Melos Studio
Melos, a decentralized music studio for Web 3.0, is a revolutionary NFT platform that allows fans to co-create with their favorite artists. Imagine being able to organize with your friends a unique mixtape with Cappadonna, Method Man or one of the other artists of the Melos platform. This rare collaboration can now be brought with you into the metaverse or shared as your own personal soundtrack. Utilities such as artist remixes on top of your creation, art, merchandising, and access are just the tip of the iceberg.

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