MCU taps into its darker side with the six-part limited series, Moon Knight. — Image courtesy of Disney

KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 – The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) taps into its darker side with the latest live-action series, Moon Knight.

Marvel’s six-part limited series will introduce viewers to protagonist Steven Grant played by Oscar Isaac, a mild-mannered Englishman who leads a mundane life plagued by power outages and mysterious memories of a separate life other than the his.

After a fateful encounter, Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with former mercenary, Marc Spector, who is also a ruthless avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon and revenge. .

As enemies converge on them, Steven must learn to adapt to this revelation and work with Marc in the midst of a deadly battle unfolding between the mighty gods of Egypt.

With MCU’s latest live-action series debuting a week away, the show’s cast members and showrunners break down their thoughts and processes behind it. moon knight.

According to Marvel executive producer Grant Curtis, Moon Knight has been on Kevin Feige’s radar since the beginning, and it was the perfect time to introduce the multi-personality superhero to the MCU.

“You look at his (Moon Knight) story, first appearing in night werewolf in 1975. Then he kind of bounced around the Marvel Universe for the next five years, and he got his own offer in 1980.

“And when you look at years and decades of storytelling, as the great storytellers and artists of the moon knight pages did, I think it was a natural progression, merging into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I think it felt like the perfect timing.

“When you watch Disney+ and need a larger canvas to tell this amazing story, March 30th audiences will see it, and it was the perfect time to dive into the universe,” Curtis said. .

Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac had to bring his own brother on set to help with the Moon Knight characters.  — Image courtesy of Disney
Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac had to bring his own brother on set to help with the Moon Knight characters. — Image courtesy of Disney

As for Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac, who has to juggle his Steven Grant, Marc Spector and other characters from the moon knight series said they had to bring his own brother, Michael Hernandez on set in order to shoot the scenes.

“So he came in and he was playing Steven or Marc, (he would) even the accent and everything, both accents.

“So it was really helpful to have someone who is not only a great actor, but also shares my DNA to play with. But that was something that I hadn’t anticipated, it was how technically demanding it was going to be to have to show up and decide which character I was going to play first.

“And then try to block that, give my brother notes, then do the scene, then switch characters, then figure it out,” Isaac said, adding that it was both fun and empowering.

Isaac also said that moon knight will have a point-of-view type storytelling approach with Steven as the one who has a sense of humor while Marc does not.

the star wars The actor added that his love of English humor influenced his character as Steven Grant and he was inspired by English comedians like Peter Sellers, Karl Pilkington and Russel Kane.

He also revealed that the reason Marvel was bringing Moon Knight to the UK was because “there were too many characters in New York”.

This is not surprising as there are currently several MCU superheroes residing in New York such as Spiderman, Dr Strange and as revealed in Spiderman: No Coming HomeDaredevil though he has yet to make an appearance as the devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Ethan Hawke, who plays the series' antagonist, said the process of forming villains was reversed in Moon Knight.  — Image courtesy of Disney
Ethan Hawke, who plays the series’ antagonist, said the process of forming villains was reversed in Moon Knight. — Image courtesy of Disney

Meanwhile, moon knight will also star American director and actor Ethan Hawke as the charismatic antagonist Arthur Harrow.

According to Hawke, in the past, storytellers often used mental illness as the building block of the villain; however, the process was reversed with Moon Knight.

“And now, as the antagonist, I can’t be mad because the hero is mad. So I kind of have to find a sane madman or a sane malevolent force.

“And that was an interesting puzzle for me to figure out how to be dynamic with what Oscar was doing.

“And once you break through the prism of reality, everything the audience sees is from a skewed point of view. And it’s really interesting for the villain because you even see me as I am?” he said.

In addition to addressing mental illness, moon knight is also the MCU’s take on Egyptian iconography, as the series will feature Egypt and the Egyptian gods in accordance with moon knight comic book origins.

According to moon knight showrunner Mohamed Diab, the Egyptian aspect of the show was one of the reasons he agreed to take the helm.

“As Egyptians, we always see ourselves represented or the Middle East represented in a way that is – we call it Orientalism, when you see us as exotic and dehumanized.

“Imagine Paris and you see Big Ben in the background. This is how we see our country. So, it’s funny, but it hurts. That’s really what drew me to it,” he said.

the moon knight The series will also star May Calamawy as Layla El-Fouly with Jeremy Slater as the series’ head writer, who has worked on series such as The Umbrella Academy and The Exorcist.

Executive producers are Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, Grant Curtis, Oscar Isaac, Mohamed Diab and Jeremy Slater, with Trevor Waterson and Rebecca Kirsch serving as co-executive producers.

moon knight launches March 30, exclusively on DisneyPlus Hotstar.


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