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Llegendary rapper and producer method man allows music creatives to have complete ownership of their intellectual property. The New York-born Wu-Tang Clan star whose real name is Clifford Smith Jr.-possesses joined strengths with the company Intercept music to equip independent artists and labels with the tools to thrive in the industry.

Created at the intersection of music and technology, Intercept Music is a global digital platform that allows creatives to distribute their projects directly to hundreds of online stores and streaming platforms. The company also provides artists and labels with advertising and marketing support and other revenue-generating tools – which a major label would have access to – to help their music reach the masses. Intercept was founded on the pillar of artist-maintained ownership and gives artists access to real-time royalty income.

Through the partnership, Smith will be part of the company’s Independence Empowered campaign which was launched to raise awareness for artistic liberation.

Todd Turnerwho is CEO of Intercept Music, says partnering with Smith will help advance their efforts to help creatives reclaim their artistry.

“This is a magical milestone for Intercept Music. After years of design, working closely with artists to refine our suite of innovative service offerings, we are proud to deliver a groundbreaking technology platform created specifically for independents. “, he shared in a statement. “Method Man is a global icon and the living embodiment of ‘enhanced independence’. With the rise of creators looking for creative solutions to their financial future, I can’t think of a better partner to launch our business, which will focuses on cutting-edge technology for the entertainment industry. We are excited about what we will accomplish together while arming independent artists and labels with powerful new tools to achieve their wildest artistic ambitions.

Black-smith added there is so much power in knowledge, stating “good education leads to constant elevation”.

Platforms like Intercept Music are needed because many traditional record deals require artists to relinquish ownership of their masters. To research shows that 83% of recorded music revenue goes to streaming platforms.

News of Smith’s partnership comes after the singer Ashanti made history by becoming the first black music artist to co-found a Web3 platform called EQ Exchange. The company’s mission is to ensure that artists take ownership of their projects and can have a direct connection with their audience.


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