Eau Claire, Wis. (February 11, 2022) — National Presto Industries, Inc. (NYSE: NPK) today announced its 2021 sales and earnings, as shown in the table below. Net earnings per share were calculated based on the weighted average number of common shares outstanding for the respective periods.

In response to questions about company sales, Maryjo Cohen, President, said, “Consolidated net sales for 2021 increased $3.1 million (0.9%) over 2020 levels to reach $355.8 million. million or 2.1%) partially offset by lower sales in the housewares segment (down $1.7 million or 1.5%). The decline in household goods segment sales was largely due to the massive disruption to supply chains that stemmed from government policies aimed at eradicating the COVID virus Security segment sales were mostly flat and also hampered by the supply chain logistics.

Regarding earnings, Cohen noted, “Consolidated net income decreased $21.3 million (45.4%) to $25.7 million ($3.64 per share) from 47 .0 million 2020 dollars ($6.67 per share) Operating earnings from all segments declined Issues arising from the Government COVID policies referenced above played a significant role Earnings from Defense operating declined 3% due to a combination of a less favorable mix and inefficiencies resulting from these policies which led to labor shortages and delays in securing materials. The segment’s results were also unfavorable, impacted by storm damage which led to the shutdown of one of its lines for several months.Household goods/small appliances suffered a large operating loss part due to the increase mass ive shipping freight and material costs, all stemming from these same government COVID policies. It was not able to fully offset these increases through customer price increases Significant impairment of Security segment assets in accordance with the determination of current realizable value had a material adverse impact on operating results of this segment. Other income declined, primarily due to the Federal Reserve’s decision to hold yields close to zero despite continued inflation.

Asked about 2022, Ms Cohen commented: “The year promises to be filled with challenges. Experts don’t expect the supply chain issues to be resolved before the end of the year, if at all. The workforce is also expected to remain tight. be here to stay. The profitability of the Household Goods/Small Appliances segment will depend on both securing goods in a timely manner and maintaining prices at levels that absorb cost increases. Once again, the Defense segment will enter a new year with a solid order book. Assuming reasonable execution in the face of logistical challenges, the segment should have another strong year. Although progress is expected, the startup Safety segment will face the same logistical challenges as the other segments.

The Board of Directors of National Presto Industries, Inc. today announced the 2022 dividend, which consists of a regular dividend of $1.00 per share plus an additional $3.50. The 2022 dividend is the most recent in an unbroken seventy-eight-year history. The record date of the dividend will be March ‐‐‐‐1, 2022 and the payment date will be March ‐‐‐15, 2022. In addition, the Board has confirmed May 17, 2022 as the date of the 2022 annual meeting of the society. shareholders. The record date for the annual meeting will be March 25, 2022.


National Presto Industries, Inc. operates in three business segments. The Home/Small Appliances segment designs and markets small appliances and pressure cookers under the PRESTO® brand. The segment is recognized as an innovator of new products. The Defense segment manufactures a variety of products, including medium caliber training and tactical ammunition, energy ammunition, fuzes and casings. The Security segment currently consists of two startups. The first is Rusoh, Inc., which designs and markets the Rusoh® Eliminator® extinguisher, the first owner-maintained extinguisher. The second is OneEvent Technologies, Inc. It offers systems that provide early warning of conditions that, if left uncorrected, would result in significant losses.




Net sales

$ 355,777,000 $ 352,627,000

Net earnings

$ 25,654,000 $ 46,958,000

Net earnings per share

$ 3.64 $ 6.67

Outstanding Weighted Shares

7,044,000 7,038,000

This press release contains “forward-looking statements” made pursuant to the disclaimer of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, as well as assumptions, that could cause actual results actual results differ materially from historical results and those currently anticipated or projected. In addition to the factors discussed above, other important risk factors are described in the Company’s various filings with the SEC.



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