Rory McIlroy flattered himself to cheat at the Masters.

Nick Faldo has suggested Rory McIlroy isn’t entirely confident in his golf game as the Holywood native has fallen to ten shots behind Masters leader Scottie Scheffler.

McIlroy, however, claimed he was still on the hunt, despite the history and form, suggesting otherwise.

And after his early struggles at the Masters, Faldo claimed McIlroy didn’t fully trust his game.

“There must be a reason for something…”

“I’ve been talking about it for a few years now”, Faldo has begun, speaking on Sky Sports. “You watch how many times he stands with a wedge in his hand and he hits it from 50 feet and then he can do it three putts after.

“Nine out of ten other guys hit him within 15 feet and pop him into the putt.

“There must be a reason for something. Technically, his hip action and pelvic line through impact affect him. It gets stuck under – we can see it gets stuck under and the ball goes high and to the right. And then he loses his confidence with it.

“Last year he came in at 16 with that pin on his front and the water on his left and in your mind you’re like, ‘Don’t hit him left.’

“Of course you have the right to say that, but you have to face it. “OK, I know I’m not going to hit it left because I can do it.” You can see on his face, “don’t hit him left”, then he hits him left.

“And it goes through you on that level. So he’s constantly toppling over because he doesn’t trust her enough. He must find the confidence of the 8 iron and in it.

“When you ride it that well, that’s all you should work on, just how to get perfect little fades or little draws for safety, whatever.”

Rory McIlroy.

Although McIlroy may be confident heading into his final two rounds, he now needs to back his words up with actions.

He starts Saturday evening at 5:20 p.m., while Seamus Power and Shane Lowry also participate in the third round after making the cut, the latter being in contact with leader Scottie Scheffler.

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