A post is being widely shared on social media with a request for Hindus to support either removing ‘Islamic studies’ or adding ‘Vedic studies’ to the UPSC exam. Let’s check the facts of the claim made in the message.

To claim: The UPSC exam has ‘Islamic studies’ as a separate subject, but not ‘Vedic studies’.

Made: None of the examinations held by UPSC have a separate subject named “Islamic Studies” in the curriculum. Therefore, the claim made in the message is FALSE.

The Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC) conducts several exams such as Engineering Services Exam, Combined Defense Services Exam, Civil Services Exam, etc. None of these exams have a separate subject as “Islamic Studies”. In the UPSC Civil Service Examination, mention of “Islam” can be found in the curricula of elective subjects like Anthropology and History. However, it is either given as a dimension (along with other religions) to study certain aspects, or as a period of history.

In the “List of optional subjects for the main exam”, although there is no separate subject as “Islamic studies”, one can find “Urdu literature” as an option. However, it can be seen that literature of various other languages ​​(like Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sindhi, etc.) is also offered as an option. Also, it can be seen that the Sanskrit Literature syllabus has such topics as – “Main Features of Vedic Sanskrit Language”, “General Knowledge of Ramayana, Mahabharata”, etc.

When a similar claim went viral before, Somesh Upadhyay (IAS) said tweeted saying – “There is a parallel universe where UPSC offers Islamic studies as an elective subject. It’s called the WhatsApp universe.” A tweet made by Arun Bothra (IPS) on the virus allegation can be seen here.

To sum up, there is no separate subject as “Islamic Studies” in the UPSC exam.

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