Alex Johnston had the post-match press conference in stitches after scoring a hat-trick to become the Rabbitohs’ all-time top try scorer.

Souths flier Alex Johnston had the post-match press conference in stitches after scoring a hat-trick to overtake Nathan Merritt as the Rabbitohs’ all-time top try scorer.

Johnston scored three goals in the 44-18 win over the Tigers, but was more excited to be at his first post-game press conference in a hilarious answer to his first question.

“I just think it’s special to be part of the press conference after the game,” Johnston said.

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“I mean it’s amazing. It’s so cool.

“No, I told the fans earlier, I pinch myself again. I don’t want to play in other colors and score 147 in red and green, it means a lot to me and my family.

“I’m just speechless at the moment.”

Johnston was revealed to have personally thanked Souths fans after the game after they started a petition to keep him at the club after he was nearly fired a few years ago.

“Obviously we all know what happened a few years ago, I was almost not there,” Johnston said.

“There was a petition going around and a lot of fans signed up and I like to think the top dogs took a look at that and saw that maybe we should keep this guy.

“I’m very grateful to the fans for doing this and everything went well as you can see. I’m so happy.

“I think I still have a lot of tries to go hopefully knock on wood to pay them back.”

Johnston has revealed he admires the man he met at Merritt, who was at the club when he started in 2014.

“Of course when I arrived at the club he was next to me in the dressing room,” Johnston said when asked if he admired Merritt.

“He and Greg Inglis and I were between them. I thought that was crazy.

“Two native guys and that’s another thing. What a night to do it so well in this jersey.

“I don’t think I’m going to take it off. I will keep this jersey for at least a week.

“I admired Merritt. I looked up to GI and breaking his record tonight is very special.

However, Johnston would not be in demand if he intended to chase Ken Irvine’s record of 212 tries as a freshman.

“Yeah no, let’s not put the mockingbird on yes,” Johnston said.

“Just one game at a time, keep ticking them off and whatever happens happens.

“I’m so happy to be sitting here right now at this press conference. Check this out.”

The 27-year-old winger, who played just 178 games to break the record, admitted it was a relief to put the talk around the record behind him.

“It was getting a little boring,” Johnston said.

“I just wanted not to think about it. You did your best to keep reminding me of that every time I spoke to you, so thank you for that.

“But it’s good to finally get over the hump and do it and hopefully we continue to play as a team like we did tonight and I’ll score more tries if we fly.”

Johnston shared a hilarious final anecdote about Campbell Graham passing the ball to him for the record try.

“I knew and the Campbell Graham in me knew that too,” Johnston said.

“When he passed the ball to me for the last try, he just started screaming history! History! Record!

“I think he was more motivated than me. It just shows the kind of team and teammates we have. We all care about each other and we all love each other and I’m so grateful to be a part of that. .

Originally published as ‘Special to be part of the presser’: Star’s hilarious take on Rabbitohs record


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