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Since the end of 2021, the French studio Quantic Dream, which is a world-renowned master of interactive cinema, has been working on action-adventure animation. Regarding the initial information on this project, the studio has moved on to a new genre and the Star War Eclipse team does not use the elements of their projects instead of being used to do so.

We are talking about some kind of storytelling, well-developed characters, among which there will be several main characters at once, and, of course, about the influence of the decisions made by the actors in the development of the story. Although we live without an adventure, but rather an action game, Star Wars Eclipse decided to drop the QTE elements, instead of the direct action elements.


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The game is the period of the “Parents” on which the film takes place two or three centuries before the trilogy “The Company”. This will also include Darth Vader and his children. As for the release, it’s too early for anyone to talk about it.


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