Hulu’s Sebastian Stan (Tommy Lee) and Lily James (Pamela Anderson) – featuring limited series Pam and Tommy offers viewers a dramatized look at the theft, publication and exploitation of their private sex tape in the early 90s on the internet. But now TNT is giving those viewers a chance to learn more about the realities of the case with the new docuseries episode. Rich and Shameless: The Crime Against Pam and Tommy. Premiering this weekend, the episode examines the truth behind the scandal through untold stories, never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, focusing on the unfair treatment Anderson received during this time and long after.

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From TNT and Raw (Three identical strangers and don’t f**k with cats), come Rich and shameless, a seven-part film series that tells the true stories of the successes, failures, thrills and miseries that come with the kind of wealth few can comprehend. Using a combination of powerful interviews, unique archival material, and atmospheric visuals, the series goes behind the public facade to reveal the dangers of great prosperity. Rich and shameless will also shed light on the untold story of the darkness at the heart of the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ phenomenon, the mysterious death of a crypto-millionaire and suspected con man Gerald CottenSeagram’s heiress Claire Bronfman and his involvement in an infamous sex cult, the unlikely battle between Martin Shkreli and The Wu-Tang Clan, the disappearance of the great NBA Bison Dele (formerly Brian Williams) and fashion mogul Pierre Nygardis in search of eternal youth. Now here’s a preview of the trailer, overview and clips from TNT Rich and Shameless: The Crime Against Pam and Tommy:

TNT’s stealth episode focuses on actress/model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee with untold stories about the theft, release and exploitation of the most famous sex tape in history – revealed for the first time by those involved. Among the exclusive interviews are Amanda Chicago Lewis, investigative journalist and screenwriter of the Hulu series “Pam & Tommy”; Helen White, daughter of Milton Ingley, a low-budget porn baron who first sold the infamous tape; Cort St. George, an internet entrepreneur involved in publicizing the strip and Guerin Swing, a close friend of the couple who offers unique insight into the couple’s state of mind at the time of the scandal.

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