Starting today (August 1), people with a history of living in or traveling to a foreign country within one month, or people who have been infected with COVID-19 within three months, are required to take single-sample nucleic acid tests at designated locations instead of taking the mixed test, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center said.

“It is more common for people with a history of residence or travel to a foreign country to have a history of COVID-19, and a number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 have tested ‘re-positive’ repeatedly in nucleic acid tests for COVID-19,” health authorities noted in the press release.

When samples from these and other individuals are tested together in mixed samples, a positive result may be identified, requiring all sampled individuals to be searched for retesting.

Therefore, in order to reduce this kind of situation, the health authorities will provide a one-time sample test at the following locations:

Advance reservation required:
NAT station at Kiang Wu Hospital Auditorium
NAT station at Macau University of Science and Technology Gymnasium
NAT station at Qingmao Port

Walk-in service available:
NAT station at Conde de São Januário General Hospital

Individuals with relevant residency/travel or infection history in the Health Bureau database will be invited into the reservation system; and individuals who do not have a record in the system, but have a relevant residency/travel or infection history, should take the initiative to explain their status to the NAT examiner.


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