the To be able to the universe grows and improves, but following Power Book II: GhostAs of this month’s release, what other shows are the stars of the franchise looking forward to seeing?

Well, for Method Man and Daniel Sunjata it’s Power Book IV: Strength.

Speaking exclusively at Digital Spy, rapper-turned-actor Method Man – who plays Davis MacLean through the series – admitted that To obligate is what is “at the top” of her list right now.

“I’m looking forward to them all, but right now To obligate“, he said when asked which show he was looking forward to the most.”To obligate is top, top on my list. I want to see what Joseph [Sikora] done because he’s so dope. He’s as dope as Tommy and shit. “

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Comparing To obligate leading Sikora to an ‘American icon’, Method Man continued, “You know those American icons, characters who, you know, stick around for that? He’s one of those … So I’m very excited to see how it’s going.

“Because if it works out well I’m sure it will, who knows where else we can go with this stuff.”

Daniel Sunjata, who plays Mecca, agrees. Ahead of To obligateIn early 2022, Daniel agreed with Method Man that any spinoff that focuses on Tommy is a winner.

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“Certainly, without a doubt, this is the show that focuses on [and] focus on Tommy, “he said DS. “For two reasons: he is my favorite character in the To be able to the universe and they shot it in Chicago, which is my hometown … “

Book IV: Force, which was originally planned as Book V, will follow Tommy after his departure from New York after the loss of Ghost “to heal an old wound that has haunted him for decades”.

The teasing synopsis continues, “What was meant to be a quick stop turns into a labyrinth of family secrets and lies that Tommy thought were long buried.”

Power Book IV: Strength will be released on February 6, 2022. Power Book: Ghost season 2 is available on Starzplay now.

To be able to broadcast on Starz in the US and is available on Netflix in the UK. Power Book III: Raising Kanan airs on Starz in the US and will be streamed continuously on Starzplay, available via Amazon Prime Video, UK.

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