PROVIDENCE, RI – July in Providence, at least weather-wise, can only be defined by two words: hot and dry.

According to Boston’s National Weather Service, Providence just recorded the third driest July in station history and the fourth hottest month on record.

The average average temperature from 1991 to 2020 during the month of July is 74.4 degrees. In 2022, Providence had an average mean temperature of 77.2 degrees.

Additionally, the rainfall mark was well below the normal average of 2.91 inches, reaching just 0.46 inches amid continued drought in the region.

While these measures are historically significant, they are not record-breaking. In 2013 Providence recorded an average of 78.4 degrees, while in 1952 Providence recorded only 0.32 inches of rain.

Perhaps most surprisingly, more than half of July’s rainfall came on July 2 alone, when the station measured 0.24 inches.

The maximum temperature occurred on July 24 at 98 degrees.

National Weather Service officials say that was a theme in southern New England, as Boston also recorded the top 5 marks in history for a lack of precipitation and high heat.


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