Quaker Ridge residents form group to oppose lights at Crossway

A Scarsdale Little League committee proposing to build and fund lights at one of Crossway Field’s baseball diamonds is now facing opposition from an ad hoc group of neighbors.

Led by Gerry Antell and Alan Garfunkel of Quaker Ridge, the group collected 96 signatures from Scarsdale residents on a petition opposing the installation of the lights. In addition to the petition, the group held a virtual zoom meeting on Monday evening, March 21. They said the overwhelming consensus of the group was opposition to the proposal.

At the village council meeting on Tuesday March 22, the Scarsdale board approved a resolution to refer the matter to the planning board for consideration and recommendation. Antell and Garfunkel spoke at the village council meeting. Garfunkel told a bit of history and said that in 2005 he was part of a negotiation with Little League to build the baseball diamond at Crossway 3. Garfunkel said the original deal with West Quaker Ridge Neighborhood Association for the construction of the field specified, “No lighting or sound system of any kind, nor any night game will be allowed in the sports facilities of Crossway Fields.” He said he presented the story to the village headmaster.

Garfunkel added, over the years, “Periodically there were requests for lights and they were turned down because of the previous agreement.”

Why does the group oppose the lights?

They say the neighborhood is already overloaded with traffic, noise and sports activity at the lacrosse/football fields, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, children’s base, Boulder Brook Equestrian Center, swimming pool and Saxon Woods Golf Course. The petition reads: “The proposal negatively impacts all surrounding neighbors with more traffic, noise, sporting events, grounds maintenance, garbage collection and police activity. “

They object to an estimated 88 nights a year of light use and say the proposed streetlights and car headlights will be highly visible from at least 65 properties in the immediate area. Additionally, “the proposal places 70- and 80-foot light poles on Mamaroneck Avenue that will be visible from our backyards and Mamaroneck Road. They say, “It will give the neighborhood a permanent undesirable industrial appearance.

In a letter to the board dated March 21, 2022, Garfunkel outlined his objections along with the 2005 documentation of the original Little League agreement. He points out that the Little League proposal does not include any provision for screen or landscaping to protect the neighborhood from lights and says that the Village has not maintained the evergreens that were originally installed during the construction of the land.

According to Garfunkel, who lives on Lincoln Road and backs onto Crossway, the Crossway toilet block is already a gathering point for young people at night and he argues that lighting the area would make the problem even worse.GarfunkelLightsThe view from Garfunkel Court at night.

He argues that since Crossway was used as a dump before it was converted to playgrounds, the area is elevated 20 to 25 feet above its property line. If the lights were installed in the parking lot, they would be 50 feet from his property line and 50 feet above.

Antell and Garfunkel intend to make their case to the Scarsdale Planning Board on Wednesday evening March 23.

Concluding his comments at the village board meeting on Tuesday, Garfunkel threw a curveball, saying, “Another committee has been set up on the pickle ball proposal,” referring to the village’s plan to build also four or eight pickle ball courts at Crossway. .


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